What Is the Most Common Cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

There are very few treatments that have been proven to be effective in actual clinic trials. The treatments available for ED really haven’t changed in 20 years.

Here are the treatments that have been shown to work:

Lifestyle changes. Improve your diet, lose weight, exercise, and stop smoking, cut down on alcohol. Lifestyle changes can lessen the effects of ED, but usually can’t eliminate it.

Changing medications (for other conditions). Some medications are known to cause or contribute to ED. In this situation, your doctor may be able to change your medications.

To make your erections better, medicines like PDE5 inhibitors exist. Assessments are required to purchase these pills, though. There are may pill for getting erections that don’t require you to get a physical assessment done and do almost the same job as the other ones.


If a person is having problems in getting erections naturally, the most common kind of treatment for the same is taking pills which are PDE5 inhibitors. These pills don’t cause you to get erections but only help in getting better and more proper erections when you are already sexually aroused. But PDE5 inhibitors require you to get a prescription to get them.

A list of the kinds of erection pills you get in the market that help people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction is as follows:



Sildenafil is the same medicine like Viagra and is, in essence, the same PDE5 inhibitor. The only difference is in its brand name and its price. Sildenafil is cheaper than Viagra since many drug companies can make it. Sildenafil is to be taken one hour before engaging in any sexual activity and its effects usually last for up to 4-6 hours. Cenforce 100 for ED Treatment wildly popular generic Viagra brand in USA, UK other  brand also people are using like , fildena, cenforce 150, Super P Force etc.


This pill can be taken daily and not only one hour before sexual activity and Cialis daily works for about 24 solid hours.

This is similar to Cialis. It lasts for about 24 to 36 hours. Tazzle 20 Tadalafil is the local and non-branded version of Cialis which means more and more pharmaceutical companies can produce it and is sold more cheaply.




Herbal pills are not as effective in treating erectile dysfunction. Yes, they are easily accessible over the counter pills but it has not been proven yet that herbal pills work in this situation. You can buy these pills without a prescription or an assessment but it is not considered so safe and they are not monitored and regulated properly.



A person should only buy medicines from sources he trusts, from sellers and pharmaceutical shops that are regulated regularly and kept in check. Otherwise one is never sure of what he is being sold. It is better to be safe than sorry.

You can buy pills online from certified and genuine sellers or you can buy them in person from pharmacies. Your general physician or sexologist will probably give you a prescription after being acquainted with your situation which you can show to the pharmacy and get your pack of pills. Over the counter medicine can be purchased from almost anywhere but it is advised again to make sure these sellers are genuine and certified as well as trustworthy. Many Sources Generic Villa is trusted online pharmacy for ED Pills.




  • Every single one of us is different and different medications and supplements work differently for different people so one cannot be a hundred percent sure when he is prescribed or taking a medicine for a certain problem. It is advisable to do your research, compare them and also refer to a doctor. You can even ask your general physician
  • It is safe to go for medicines which are tried and tested by most of the population of men that are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Viagra and sildenafil have the highest success rates in causing an erection in approximately 80% of men.
  • If you want something that Is longer lasting than Viagra because you don’t plan your sexual rendezvous then pills like Kamagra 100 as per doctor consult it might be more suitable for you. It works for about 24-36 hours.
  • If you need something which works almost immediately, then you should go for medicines like Spedra. Spedra is the newest pill of all and is known to show desired results in about 15 to 20 minutes. This is a good option for people who are more spontaneous with their sexual activities.
  • Also, medicines work better than their herbal counterparts. Herbal pills haven’t proven by science to work as of yet while the allopathic pills are made for that cause. It is important to remember this while considering medicines. Plus, you never know what lies in them since they are usually not regulated.


There are changes that you should inculcate in your lifestyle that will help make the most out of these pills and improve your erectile function. They are listed below

  • Quit smoking
  • Don’t consume alcohol, especially before having sex
  • Make sure your diet has less cholesterol in it
  • Get more physically active and exercise often.
  • Make sure than along with taking the pill, you Aare sufficiently sexually stimulated as the pills are meant to enhance your natural erection so therefore, they might not help you get an erection with zero sexual stimulation
  • Make sure there is a little time gap between having food and taking the pill, as in don’t take the pills just after having food. Wait for 2-3 hours
  • Give the pill the time it requires to work. It is suggested to take Viagra, Levitra, and sildenafil an hour before having sex.
  • Try the pill a few times before changing the medication altogether.


The only over the counter pill that works for erectile dysfunction is Viagra connect but still as an assessment is required to get it. Some other herbal, as well as dietary supplements, exist but they don’t work successfully in giving the desired results.


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