When do boys stop growing? this article is now on Puberty!

When do boys stop growing

Do you have a teenage boy? If yes! Then you must be aware of the physical and mental changes he is going through. He could be rude at times and tender as a leaf suddenly. Time passes like the speed of light. When we are busy raising children, we never realized they become mature. After they become mature, we ask ourselves, “When do boys stop growing and become mature?”.

This happens due to the hormonal and emotional changes occurring in the body and mind. However, no one is at fault. It’s the hormones. In this article, we will share some complex medical issues. I will try my best to make it easy for you to understand. After reading this, you will become aware of these changes. Also, the reason behind the hormonal changes between 10-17 years of age in boys. Also, we will discuss how and why they attain Puberty? Let’s start now!

When do boys stop growing and become a man?

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Do you ever think about when or at what age do boys stop growing and become a man? If you are a parent of a baby boy, you could not stop wondering how your child grew, and you did not realize. Yes! This is normal. Let us look at the two most important topics: Puberty and Adolescence.

Puberty: An Overview

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Puberty refers to the physical changes occurring in human beings at a particular age. The human body experiences certain changes during this period. Also, certain chemical reactions take place in the human body to become mature. In actual words, the process of Puberty helps the human body to attain the stage of sexual maturity. Furthermore, Hormones play a major role during this time of sexual maturity.

When it is time for the body to become mature, our mind decides to send signals to the reproductive glands. The examples of reproductive glands in girls are Ovaries, and in boys are testes. The human body has gonads, and their function is to produce hormones. These hormones are responsible for activating libido. Libido is the desire to have sex.

More about Puberty….

In teenagers, this desire occurs at the age of 16-17. This is when the body starts becoming mature. Hormones are the key substances for the mental and physical changes in the human body. They are responsible for the overall transformation and makes the human body ready for reproduction. In fact, this is the main function of hormones: to help us reproduce. Also, Hormones are responsible for the growth of certain body organs and features like eyes, nose, skin etc.

It is important to note that during Puberty the changes we go through are termed as development. It includes the development of some body parts, height and weight too. This development continues to happen during Puberty. However, it pauses when we hit maturity. Thus, women do not grow their height after menstruation. Their height development occurs only before menstruation. The traits that help to identify males and females are Primary Sexual traits. The primary sexual characteristics provide the sexual orientation of both genders so that we can identify them with ease. 

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Moreover, the secondary traits grow when Puberty hits, and the human body passes through different stages of development. This is when boys and girls do stop growing. The importance of Secondary characteristics to identify the genders in various species. For instance, secondary traits in males, Facial hair, Pubic hair, growth of Adam’s apple. Moreover, in females, these traits differ. With sexual maturity, their hips start gaining weight; breasts start growing, Pubic hair grows etc.

Secondary sexual characteristics in mammals

It is an interesting fact that this development also occurs among mammals. Yes! They also go through these changes to attain sexual maturity. For example, Manes of Male Lion are the sign of sexual maturity; Male Peafowl grows Long feathers, Male narwhal grows tusks, proboscises transform into a long nose among monkeys and elephants. Rump and Facial development among Male Mandrills. Antelopes and goats start developing horns to achieve sexual maturity. 

More about the process of Development and Puberty 

The development of gonads results in physical changes in the human body. These changes are responsible for the identification of gender. In other words, these changes reveal the physical features of the body and make it easy to identify a boy or a girl. However, these physical features start appearing during the gestation period. Gestation is the term used to define the period of development of the human body.

Moreover, the body structure of boys and girls are similar before Puberty. However, the hormone level of the human body starts rising during Puberty.Also, the structural differences start appearing.

When the testosterone levels in males increase, the genitals or testes start growing. The brain sends signals to the genitals for the release of testosterone. As a result, the testosterone levels in males increase . Also, it leads to the genitals’ development. This is when boys do stop growing!

Moreover, the development of breasts is a sign of sexual growth in girls. Estrogen and Estradiol are the two vital hormones responsible for the development of the female body.

Estradiol is a hormone that aids in the development of secondary traits. Its other functions include breast growth, menstrual and oestrous cycles functions.

However, Estrogen is a vital hormone in stimulating libido among females. Also, this hormone helps in the manifestation of the breast. The larger the breast size, the more the secretion of Estrogen. Also, this hormone makes some other changes occur in the body of females. It includes deposition of fat in some specific places the body. For example, fat gets fixated on thighs, hips, buttocks, breasts, change in the shape of the pelvis, uterus development which makes females menstruate.

Check out some more about the secondary sexual traits in the Female body:-
  •  Hair growth in places like the underarm, genitals etc.
  • Nipples start erecting, increase in breast size
  • Hips start getting broader
  • waist of females are small as compared to males
  • Enlargement in Labia Minora. However, the shape, colour and size of Labia Minora may differ from person to person.

Now we will know more about Male Secondary sex characteristics in males:-

  • Excessive hair growth, dominantly on the places like underarms, genitals, chest and abdomens.
  • Facial hair is its main characteristic.
  • Development of larynx and Adam’s apple.
  • Voice box enlarges
  • bone structure gains strength
  • Muscle grows, resulting in the addition of mass and strength.
  • Shoulders in men during Puberty expands more than their hips.
  •  Broader Chest.
  • Oil and sweat glands start secreting more.
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I understand that you are well aware of the term Puberty. Now, it’s time to discuss more Adolescence. Let’s begin, shall we?

Introduction to the term “Adolescence”.

The meaning of Adolescence is to grow up. It is a Latin word derived from, Adolescere. Basically, the definition of Adolescence is the age of transformation that happens during Puberty. Adolescence is the step towards Adulthood. It leads to the physical and mental in the human body.

To achieve Adulthood, it is important to understand that the changes occur in the human body. Adolescence affects one’s body as well as mind. At the right time, the human body starts releasing hormones that work in a rhythm with organs to achieve physical maturity. Therefore, due to the highest level of Hormones in the human body, Children’s behaviour seems on the top between the ages of 16-19. In their early years, a typical teenager has lots of mood swings. Therefore, it is not time to get mad at them. You need to deal with care and love. Always remember, patience is what you need during these years. Try to help them with what they are going through.

These hormones both transform the mind and body both. The emotions of teenagers are uncontrollable during Adolescence. Males exhibit more emotional behaviour of anger than females. The boys gain muscle strength and become unstoppable due to millions of emotions. 

However, females become mature at a very early age than males. Also, girls start growing and go through changes earlier in the age we call “Preadolescent age”. Therefore, females achieve Adulthood at the speed of light. However, it is quite the opposite when it comes to males. The male bodies take their time to go through the changes and become mature. According to the studies, the puberty period for males is generally 16-17. However, unlike girls, they become mature at 21.

Puberty VS Adolescence

Puberty is the period in which the human body undergoes hormonal changes. it is responsible for the manifestation of mental and physical changes in the human body. On the other hand, Adolescence is the time period that exists somewhere in between PubertyPuberty and Adulthood.

Find out why Girls become mature faster than Boys? 

When do Boys stop growing

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Our grandparents often used to say, “Our daughter is more mature than our son”.I agree! Girls are more sensitive than boys. However, do you know the scientific reason behind this? The good news is that there is a scientific explanation for this fact. Both Boys and Girls grow physically and mentally. Girls generally stop growing at the age of 17-18 and become mature women.

Menstruation is a strong sign of adulting in girls. This is when the female body becomes ready for reproduction with a healthy body and hormones. However, the Male body works at a slow pace to attain maturity. When do Boys stop growing? It is generally at the age of 21. Also, there is no argument in the fact that boys possess more physical strength than women. However, girls are far stronger emotionally than men. Boys exhibit more muscles as compared to girls. Boys are generally taller than girls. 

But, Boys’ minds take time to adjust to the emotions they are going through. Therefore, they become mature later.


In the end, I hope you find this article interesting. You will get all the answers to your questions and clear your doubts. Perhaps, We will never realize when do boys stop growing. Moreover, this article tells you how to handle your teenage child with patience! It is very important to understand what your child is experiencing during Puberty. This will create a bond of positive thoughts and happiness between your child and you. Also, they will seek advice from you if you try to become their friends. Thank you and take care!

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