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Glamping Tents

Glamping is summer is the most fun filled activity, but for few people it can get quite overwhelming. There are many things which need to be packed for the ultimate glamping experience, of which the most common thing without which your Glamping Tour is not complete are the Glamping Tents. Glamping Tent is basically the luxury or larger version of any other traditional tent used in camping. There are different types of Glamping Tent available including the Yurt, Bell tent, Tipi and cabin tent. All these models look different and can accommodate groups. All these models come with their own set of pros and cons which are discussed below for your assistance.

  • Glamping Bell Tents

This is the classic type of Glamping Tent available out there in the market today and it is widely used by many glampers and campers alike. The common bell tents are designed with cotton canvas which is quite light in weight and breathable too. The canvas material that is used in designing the tent is weatherproof and it comes in a variety of colours and unique patterns to allure you.

The bell tents are quite spacious and the ceiling of the tent offers glampers with sufficient room to stand up comfortably. Moreover, it also has lots of floor area to set the camp up and it is sufficient to accommodate queen size bed and other furniture easily. Depending upon the brand you choose, you will find lots of features integrated in the tent. The bell tent has lots of vents, and also fire place where you can use the wood burning stove with chimney pipe. There are smaller models as well which are suitable for one person and the bigger models are suitable for more people in the group. The only drawback is that it comes with a huge price tag.

  • Glamping Yurts
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This is the type of round tent that is best similar to bell tent and it stand on several beams rather than one centre pole in middle. This is the type of tent which was used by nomadic people and families across Asia. But today it has become a popular choice in tent to take for glamping and camping. Some people even make Yurt as their permanent residence.

Because of the extra support from the beams, the tent remains stable and stronger against wind and storms and other inclement weather conditions. It also offers more space within the tent as the fabric is pushed out more than the bell tent, creating more space of the glamper. This is the type of tent which is quite pleasing aesthetically and you can accommodate all luxuries that you need while glamping. They are weather resistant and water proof and the seams around the roof are safe from leaks.

  • Glamping Tipi

Tipi is the type of conical tent that has round floor bed and comes with point overhead. This is the type of Glamping Tent which was once used by Native Americans of Plain tribes for housing their families. It is made out of canvas and other rugged materials. This tent is made with canvas that can be used outdoor and this makes it ultra durable to last for years to come. This is the type of tent that is easy to setup and you will not find any difficulty in setting up the tent at your campsite.

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Tipi is quite warmer during winter season and cool in summer due to its unique design. So, you need to spend less on heating and cooling system within the tent. The canvas material that is used in the tent is weatherproof and it won’t allow the rain water snow, wind or sleet to enter into the shelter.

  • Cabin Tent

The final type of Glamping Tent is the Cabin tent which is a large house shaped tent with multiple rooms inside. It looks just like typical camping tents, but the large size of the tent makes it the best choice for glamping. You will find no difficulty in setting up the tent.the sheer size of the tent ensures that you have ample space within the Glamping Tents. It also has windows, doors and also larger floor bed and this makes a good choice for large groups.

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