Why improving the security of your commercial premises should be your top priority

One important factor when managing a company is to make sure that it is secure. If you have not taken the right steps to keep intruders out, you may be leaving your company open to an attack. Here are some aspects you should consider to improve the security of your business premises.


Risk assessment

The first thing you need to do in case you want to improve your security is identifying any weak points there might be in your business. Speak with staff about anything that can be improved and seek expert advice and news to see what is going on in your area. This will help you identify the areas where the security of your business could be improved.


Entry points

There may be multiple ways of getting into your business premises that need improved security. Consider potential avenues that intruders may utilise to enter your commercial property and react accordingly. Installing windows and doors of solid construction and fitting them with secure locks is one of the main options, while ensuring they are shut and locked when the premises are empty is imperative.


Securing the perimeter

Externally there are several ways to keep your premises safe. If a burglar sees that your business premises are well guarded, it may deter them from even attempting to enter in the first place. Relevant fencing, security lighting as well as a secure car park will help to prevent someone from entering your premises. However, keep in mind that you should be careful not to put off clients and employees by making your commercial premises look like a prison.

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Install alarms and CCTV

CCTV is a must for anyone looking to protect their company and premises. Not only will it put potential burglars off attempting to break-in, but in case they do, it can help in identifying the culprit. Also, keep into consideration the type of alarm system that the size of your building /premises needs and make sure to change the codes on a regular basis.


Know your visitors and personnel

Without overdoing it, try to ensure your business and premises are safe from visitors to your building and also your own staff. Checking backgrounds will help to prevent employee theft and also a signing in and out system mean you can keep track of everyone who comes in and out of your commercial premises.


Safeguarding equipment

Laptops and other devices can be easily stolen when they are left lying about, so make sure you keep them in a secure location that is out of sight. Also, anything involving money or critical IT equipment also must be locked away securely. If needed, fit your computers and PCs with alarms to detect tampering and record serial numbers.


Protecting the business online

It is not just physical security that you need to take into account. Cybercrime is on the rise nowadays and businesses need to make sure their computer systems are well protected. Invest in anti-virus and in firewall technology, and ask your staff to set strong passwords. Periodically backup files and systems so that you can restore anything that is deleted.

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Advertise your security

Making it obvious that your premises are well secured could deter potential burglars. Displaying the fact you have CCTV cameras and alarms could make people think twice about attempting to break-in. Such messaging can be provided by the professional security installers you hired.


Perform regular checks

Any faults in the security system should be repaired right away. Provide reminders to staff members of safety procedures and reports of threats. Keep in touch with other local companies to find out if they have had any security breaches or break-ins.


Be ready for the worst

Do not leave yourself open to an attack. Conduct thorough inventories to keep track of all your equipment and take photos of the assets. In case you do suffer a break-in, act rapidly and contact the relevant authorities. If you think you need to reconsider your security after a break-in, change your procedures, as the burglars now know the systems and the equipment you will be replacing.

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