Include Influencer Marketing in your strategy?

It is not surprising that a market saturated with thousands of daily advertising impacts, people who are dedicated to marketing look for new and better ways to reach potential customers. And in these new ways in recent years the influencer marketing or influencers marketing stands out.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing do your thng is a marketing strategy based on collaboration between companies or brands and people who have their own audience, called influencers. It is an evolution of advertising and advertisements that featured famous people who were made, and are still being made, for many years. The main novelty is that influencers are not only famous but also have an audience of followers who are part of a community.

In this type of marketing, the influencer acts as a prescriber of products or services that are aligned with their values, often using these products or services themselves. On the side of the company that uses influencers marketing, its objective is to reach a specific audience through influencer and influencer, in addition to generating income, it also receives support and visibility from the brand.

Therefore it is a very beneficial strategy for both of you and that, when done well and ethically, also offers benefit to the audience because they get a recommendation of something of their interest from a person they trust.

Why should you include influencers marketing in your strategy?

Despite being a relatively new strategy, thanks to the boom of gamers, instagramers, in recent years, influencer marketing strategies move millions of dollars around the world and generate exceptional results.

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These are some of the benefits of using these types of strategies:

  • You can reach new very specific audiences that you could not reach otherwise and that you also know in advance their characteristics to design the campaign with the best results
  • In addition to reaching new customers you can retain those you already have due to the branding you get thanks to the influencers who recommend your products or services
  • There are several influencer marketing platforms that help you throughout the process so it is not a strategy only for large companies
  • And in addition the cost is very variable, you can invest little money collaborating with influencers who are taking off and also invest stronger with consolidated influencers, fully adaptable to the possibilities of your business
  • It helps you establish lasting relationships with both the influencers and the customers with whom you reinforce the values ​​of your brand and the ROI of your strategy increases over time
  • It is a strategy in the growth phase so it is a good time to benefit from all these advantages due to the journey of years that still lies ahead to consolidate as one of the best marketing strategies

As you can see influencers marketing do your thng is a very fashionable strategy, with a lot of potential and a lot of flexibility, so it is worth incorporating it into your global marketing strategy to reach an audience that you could not otherwise reach.

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