Why Should You Not Install Timber Stairs At Home?

When one thinks of wood, generally one would overlook it for several other alternatives like metal and concrete over the ancient material used since time immemorial. But have you ever thought that why the timber furniture, stairs and even homes made with timber are still in demand despite so many alternatives?

Timber has been used as material for centuries and their versatility in usage exceeds several materials by a mile. Of course, this doesn’t mean it is without flaw, but its versatility and advantages are 100% unique. Many people opt for timber as choices for materials in their homes especially with furniture, stairs, etc. Some prefer the aesthetic value and homeliness wood brings to a home; thus, it is understandable why people place such emphasis and high value on furniture made of exotic timber like mahogany, bamboo, and birch.

Timber for your stairs at home

There are several materials one can use in building stairs; concrete is a common material often used for stairs. However, another contending material is timber and it makes beautiful timber stairs. Timber as a material provides a house a rustic yet beautiful appeal to the overall look and feel of a house, thus it is understandable why many homeowners would build timber stairs, however, apart from its aesthetic value timber stairs also have several other benefits too as well.

  • Durability: capable of lasting for several years, timber stairs are attributed as a strong and resistant material which makes it ideal for structures that demand heavy-duty usage. It is not the cheapest material to invest in initially, but its strength and durability make up for its higher than average investment. One can paint, varnish and wax timber to further increase its durability and slow down the process of wear and tear. You can also alter the stair to suit your style and preference, which is not as easily done with some other materials.
  • Cleaning: stairs are used quite frequently making it highly prone to spillage, muddy footprints, and other stains, timber stairs in this regard require very little effort in cleaning as it can be easily cleaned or brushed off if there is any tough stain. Alternatively, one can simply sand and polish the area to make it appear in its original appearance.

    timber stairs

    timber stairs

  • Natural atmosphere: Timber is a natural material, thus when used in your home, it feels more natural-looking. Traditionally buildings were made of wood, thus using timber also provides a very traditional feel to a building’s interior.
  • Lightweight: in comparison to materials like concrete, timber is lightweight and provides less strained to the floor, rather this makes it an ideal material of choice for tall staircases and winding staircase as the strain on the floor is significantly lesser in comparison to concrete and other similar materials.
  • Value: though timber stairs are functional and provide a house with a unique aesthetic, its unique ability is in how it adds value to a house upon sale, as exotic timbers add a lot to the value of a house increasing its worth with time.
  • Price: Though wood requires quite an investment, in the beginning, the price varies according to the quality and type of wood used. Cheaper woods like pine do not possess the strength of hardwoods like mahogany but they are much cheaper in price than exotic wood and do their job well enough.
  • Focal point: in modern and traditional architecture, well-designed stairs have been a common focal point in houses. Timber stairs in this regard is often the first choice of material as it enables you to design your stairs in vintage, minimalist, or with modern designs.

What are your plans? Do you have any doubts about it? You may consult an expert in this field and get your doubts solved about making the timber stair.

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