Why You Should Be A Little More Grateful For The Entirety Of The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry, by itself, is an industry cultivated on the backs of customer satisfaction. Whether it be the food and beverage sector, travel and tourism sector, the lodging sector or even the recreation sector, the customer falls at the core of their creation.

You may not actively notice it, but if you take into account the number of times you’ve walked into coffee shops and restaurants in Hawthorn, Melbourne, and remember the waiter or the cashier that greeted you with a smile on their face even when you lost your patience, you’ll begin to understand the pattern.

Think about it, everything around you is built to satisfy you and your wants. Not just your needs, but also your wants. When we speak specifically of the food and beverages sector, we speak of every single outlet that deals with these services. Whether it be restaurants, banquet halls, catering services or even outlets as simple as coffee shops and fast-food eateries, all of it falls inclusive in the food and beverage sector.

As a sector, it can function within other businesses as well, for example, movie theatres or even restaurants present in hotels. When we speak of Australia, specifically, cafes are the ultimate hub of the F&B sector throughout the country. Authentic coffee and good food is the quintessential combo for a good day, and coffee places in Melbourne like Shanklin Cafe work with a list of signature flavours that will leave you with a satisfied tongue, and in turn, a satisfied heart.

The travel and tourism sector, or what we call it, everything related to the vacation of a lifetime. We travel for leisure often, but more times than not, we travel for work. Whether it be through buses, cabs, trains, airplanes, ships, etc. travelling is an integral part of all our lives. The concept of travelling, by itself, raises the bar for tourism and goes hand in hand with travellers, whether they be for business or comfort.

Even on a business trip, one might gather up some time to wander through the city, in turn, aiding the city’s tourism services. Out of all the sectors in the hospitality industry, travel and tourism fall at the top of the list of importance. Without any tourists willing to accommodate a city, there would be no use of having an excessive amount of lodging services; even the food and beverage sector wouldn’t be gaining as many profits as they do now.

Lodging services fall hand-in-hand with the travel and tourism sector. When you travel to a city, the first thing you will be doing is booking yourself a room in a hotel. Whether you choose to opt for general lodging, a suite or even a resort, lodging and accommodation are an important part of travel.

As time has passed, lodging services have expanded into several types and can even act as a safe spot you can go to when you feel like you need a break, be it in the same city or another.

Last, but definitely not the least, the recreation sector strives for the relaxation and enjoyment of their customers. Movie theatres, zoos, museums, spas, nightclubs, etc. all fall under the category of recreation. Whether you’re travelling or simply looking for a good time in your own city, recreation outlets will always be the first place you choose to go.

All sectors of the hospitality industry are responsible for a lot of the happiness we feel, and even how we choose to cope with situations. Having a bad day? Watch a movie, go for a coffee with a friend, or even go on a road trip. Only when you choose to notice it, you realise the value of the industry.


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