7 Qualities Your Android Gaming Phone Must Have

Android Gaming Phone

These days, we use smartphones for nearly everything. We use them to shop, consult doctors, participate in office meetings, chat with friends, capture photos and videos, gaming, and more. This write-up is about smartphones and gaming.

Are you looking to buy an Android gaming phone? If yes, you must ensure that the device has the following qualities.

Features of a Good Android Gaming Phone

Many avid gamers prefer using their smartphones for gaming. It has compelled top mobile phone manufacturers to make gaming-focused devices. Often you will see buyers appearing at an Oppo store in Kolkata to buy a product designed specifically for gaming such as Oppo Reno 7 Pro. The story is the same even for stores belonging to other top smartphone brands.

1. Processor

Checking the processor of the phone is a must as it is the main factor determining the device’s performance. Ideally, you should look for a phone with an ultra-fast processor.

Indeed, most gamers want to get hold of devices featuring high-end units. These include processors belonging to the Dimensity 9000 series by MediaTek or the Snapdragon 8 series by Qualcomm. However, some midrange processors, for instance, the Dimensity 500 and Snapdragon 7 series also offer impressive performances.

2. Cooling Features 

When you use your smartphone for gaming, the phone will automatically have a substantial workload. It will leave the phone at a high risk of overheating. You can avoid such events by opting for a phone with an advanced cooling mechanism. The cooling features of smartphones have improved significantly. This is the result of advancements in the technology used in semiconductors.

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The cooling features of today’s flagship and midrange phones are good enough to allow continuous gaming activities for a prolonged period. They typically don’t get overly hot even after several hours of use. Things will be even better if you pick a phone designed specifically for gamers. Some of these devices even come with an external cooling fan besides using regular internal cooling techniques.

3. Display

To make gaming more enjoyable, pick a device with an AMOLED or OLED display. These phones offer higher brightness, a wide range of colours, high contrast ratios, true blacks, and more. If you don’t have the budget to get any of these phones, getting one with an IPS LCD will also be enough.

You will have a good time gaming if your smartphone has a display of 1080p. However, if you want the best experience, getting a device with a panel of 1440p is recommended.

Other than the phone’s display technology, you must also check its refresh rate. You should be satisfied to get a refresh rate of 120 Hz or 90 Hz. Don’t be allured by phones with a greater refresh rate. That will be a waste of money.

4. Storage and Memory 

Your phone should have an internal storage of 128 GB to offer a first-rate gaming experience. Gamers typically use their smartphones to play modern games. The storage space required by these games keeps increasing after every update. A modern game occupies up to 1 GB of space after installation and setup.

It makes having a phone with high storage capacity a big plus. Having 128 GB of storage is the basic requirement. It would be good if you have a device with 256 GB of storage or even more. When it comes to RAM, gamers should not go below 6 GB. However, having a phone with 8GB Ram would be best.

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Apart from these major aspects, you should also consider the followings:

5. Seamless Handling

Most mainstream phones have trimmed bezels. However, your gaming phone should feature a larger bezel. If the bezel is big, you will have enough space to hold the device horizontally. This, in turn, will prevent accidental touches, a problem that can even make you lose games. In this regard, you can visit any cheap mobile store in Kolkata to explore some great smartphones with larger bezels.

6. High Battery Capacity

You must know that gaming consumes batteries extremely fast. So, a gaming smartphone must have a high battery capacity. You must buy a phone with a battery capacity of 4500 mAh or higher. It will allow you to play games uninterruptedly. Besides having high capacity, the phone’s battery should enable fast charging. A fast-charging battery will let you resume the game quickly when there’s an interruption due to running out of battery.

7. Gaming-optimized Hardware

You cannot expect to enjoy playing your favourite games on a smartphone if its touchscreen controls are not up to the mark. So, before you pick a phone for gaming, ask the store owner to recommend products with great touchscreen controls. Luckily, some new models of smartphones come with dedicated gaming buttons, for instance, shoulder buttons.


Irrespective of which gaming smartphone you pick, you must buy it from a reliable store. The customer support team of top mobile stores has highly experienced professionals. They will help you choose the right gaming phone.

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