Improve Your Poker Skills With These 4 Apps

Poker Skills

It can be very rewarding mastering the art of poker. However, personal development blog AgileLeanLife points out that improving any skill — in this case, in poker — also requires disciplined and deliberate practice. Whether you’re playing the ever-popular Texas Hold’em or other poker variants like Omaha poker, Five Card Stud, or Crazy 4, the old adage holds: practice makes perfect.

You can always find a poker mentor to help you hone the skills you need. If you’re struggling to find one, however, it’s important the next best option is right in your pocket. There are dozens of poker training apps that you can use to improve your poker skills! Below we’ve listed a few of the best ones that you download and try for yourself:

The app

New to the game? You can have poker coach Jonathan Little as your very own mentor with this app. For $49 a month, you can watch videos hosted by poker pros like Matt Affleck, Faraz Jaka, as well as the aforementioned Jonathan Little. If you want more action, there are also a bunch of quizzes and simulations you can use to practice your skills to perfection. With enough content for beginners and advanced players alike, so you can keep using the app as you improve.

Poker Fighter

If you’re new to the game but don’t know where exactly to start learning, consider starting with Texas Hold’em, which was first popularized in Dallas and is now the most popular poker variant in the world. Poker Fighter builds your knowledge of the game the old-fashioned way: learning by playing more. You can play simulated games with real hands and even get immediate feedback from pros like Rafi Amit, Asi Moshe, and Shai Zurr. The best part? All this is available for no more than $2 a month.

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This particular app is great for honing your short-stack poker game.’s feature on the best poker apps includes SnapShove — which was developed by WSOP bracelet and EPT winner Max Silver — for providing various charts that show what hands you should shove for every blind level. The app also uses over a million simulated games to make calculations and answer your questions in real time. Although you can get it for free, you can pay $70 for a pro version that advises you when it’s best to shove or fold.

DTO Poker Trainer

If you want to get with the times and familiarize yourself with poker’s latest trend, Game Theory Optimal or GTO poker, try out this app. It was also developed by German poker star Dominik Nitsche. The DTO Poker Trainer acts much like a video game by simulating various scenarios where you have to pick the best GTO move to make. From here, it gives you feedback on how you can improve. The app is free on both the App Store and Google Play.


As exemplified by the emergence of GTO, staying on top of the latest poker trends helps you adjust your skills to match. PokerListings is both free and one of the most comprehensive poker news apps that can help you — with added benefits. It also reviews various poker apps, sites, and casinos. If you want to head out into the real world to practice your poker skills in person, this means you can also use PokerListings to find the best poker tables near you.

When you’re looking to improve your poker skills, you don’t need to look any further than the app store on your smartphone. These 5 recommendations should help give you an idea on where to get started.

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