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Mental Health Advisory

Talkspace, the online therapy company from New York, is one of the frontline players in the Mental Health Advisory sector. The firm has supported millions of people during the coronavirus who reached its licensed professional therapists for empowerment. Apart from battling mental disorders, the company’s therapists have assisted racial trauma patients through different channels, including emails, calls, and the mobile app.

Its platform, Ask a Therapist, has empowered many people who post questions concerning their Mental Health Advisory. On the other hand, it helps readers by providing credible information on diagnosing and treating medical disorders. The company’s Council of Experts answers the questions weekly to offer tips, guidance, and insight on different matters.

An Expert’s Response to Racial Trauma

Dr. Reshawna Chapple, Ph.D., LCSW, is one of the licensed Talkspace Therapists and Peer Consultants. She recently provided remarkable advice to a Black woman concerned about her future in the US after the coronavirus pandemic, racial turmoil, and concluded elections. According to the reader, her color has played an essential role in promoting anxiety, especially towards the holidays.

Even though she overcame past events, she still admits to having difficulties balancing between staying involved in daily events and self-care. Additionally, she contemplates disconnecting from everyone and adopt to private life. However, her sixth sense advises her otherwise. In other words, she asks the experts for advice on the way forward because life must continue.

Accepting the Current Situation

In her response, Dr. Reshawna acknowledges that the reader’s feelings represent many other Black people, including herself. The therapist outlines that most Black people have battled racial trauma for a long time in 2020. Therefore, they continue struggling to remain grounded due to uncertainty after the competitive election. However, the expert notes that it’s vital to balance self-care and to stay on course.

Dealing with Anxiety

As the reader has outlined, past events have resulted in crippling anxiety. The Talkspace therapist relates mental and physical exhaustion to the current events’ disappointments and uncertainty. Therefore, the accumulation of stress has made the reader anxious.

Dr.Reshawna notes that neither the virtual meetings nor the bubble baths could eliminate racial trauma. However, she points out that disconnecting couldn’t relieve the reader’s anxiety unless it worked before. In her opinion, the expert advises the reader to give it a shot and analyze the outcome. By extension, she might decide to avoid commitment and invitations to spend some time alone. Therefore, the reader should connect and engage in various conversations to revitalize her mind. Additionally, she should give the body its needs and involve others to meet her expectations no matter the judgment. Staying ahead of schedules, taking walks, limiting social media activities, and reaching out for help in times of need are additional tips offered by the therapist.

The Bottom Line

Reaching out for professional Mental Health Advisory signals the value and strength of an individual’s well-being. However, the results of therapy or information provided won’t have an immediate impact. The best way is to utilize them as a guide in every day’s activities. In the end, managing mental disorders becomes practical by incorporating other ideas.

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