Many people learn the piano by taking piano lessons with tutors, however, some take the path of self-learning. This approach is a more independent one which has advantages as well as disadvantages. This article will help you make a more informed decision as we deal with the pros and cons of self taught piano lessons.


You can learn at home

You can learn from the comfort of your home which is a luxury you don’t get in a music school. When you learn at a music school, you have to leave home and also leave early enough to arrive at the proper time.

You can learn at your pace

At a music school, you may not be able to learn at your pace as you mostly learn in groups. Self-taught lessons mean you can work at your pace, work extra time if you want and adjust your schedule to fit unforeseen circumstances.

You do not spend much

Private lessons and music schools cost money. Self taught piano lessons erase the financial implication of getting a tutor. Even though it’s worth it to get a tutor, you might not have the fees required so this approach represents an advantage.


Music classes may involve broader areas like history, analysis and other technicalities that you may not necessarily need. Learning yourself gives the flexibility to choose areas that apply to your specific learning goal which for many people is to learn for leisure.

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Learning at home usually allows for more distraction than necessary. Access to your phone, TV, etcetera makes it very easy to be distracted or even give up completely.

Purchase of your own equipment and materials

A music school most likely gives access to pianos and teaching materials to its students throughout the period of their study. Learning by yourself means that you will have to invest in all you need before you begin.

You may not understand piano technicalities

Depending on your reason for learning, the technical aspects of the piano may or may not be necessary for you. If you were to play as a professional, play alongside others or play in a band, you would need to understand piano technicalities. Learning on your own may not suffice in this regard as you might miss out certain techniques and certain important lessons.

Lack of evaluation which leads to developing bad piano habits

Learning on your own makes you prone to developing bad piano habits. It is all too easy to make a mistake as a beginner without even realising it. These errors could metamorphose into bad habits which can be very difficult to stop.


Self-learning gives room for so many gaps and flaws but you can boost your learning experience through paid online lessons. It does not have to be boring, there are fun piano lessons in Singapore and online where you have access to seasoned tutors. Online courses imitate physical training as courses are streamlined and your progress is monitored.

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