How to Get Out of Jury Duty by Best Excuses and Options

How to Get Out of Jury Duty Best Excuses


Are you a person who is well aware of the laws and regulations of your nation? If yes, you might be knowing what exactly is the Jury duty and how it functions. However, the one’s who are unaware of jury duty will throw some light on it. Jury duty is nothing but a civic duty that you need to perform if you are an American citizen. You need to serve as a juror in court when the trial proceeding happens. Furthermore, you will also play a vital role in the jury for verdict making. When you are invited for jury duty and fail to show your presence in the court, you may face legal actions. So how to get out of jury duty best excuses is an often asked question.

As part of performing jury duty, you will receive a summons. The date and time will get mentioned in the summons. Since it is an obligation without fail, you have to present in the court as per the mentioned time. If you cannot make the jury duty at a particular time, preliminary information to the authorities with a valid reason needs to get forwarded. In such a case, your jury duty may get postponed. So you must make a genuine excuse to get out of jury duty. Anyhow, let’s look deeper into how to get out of jury duty with the best options.

Best Excuses to get out of Jury Duty

Before looking at some of the perfect tricks to get rid of jury tax, it must harm you if these methods fail. So it is your sole responsibility to executes these tricks in the right way. However, these ways will not guarantee you a complete get rid of jury tax. But still, to an extent, it will help you; the key to the successful execution of the trick is in your hands.

Doctor’s appointment and Health Checkup

Health is a fundamental aspect that one must have to perform any actions. If you have genuine health issues, how to get out of jury duty question will come to an end. The authority can’t force you to be present if you are physically or mentally ill. Besides, if you need to postpone the jury duty, a doctor’s note will be a good excuse.

School as a good excuse 

School timings can be an excellent option to get out of jury duty. If your responsibility clashes with your school timings, then the jury can get postponed or canceled. If you are not a school student, involvement in any academics reference will also help you get out of jury duty.

Postpone or change your Selection

 You can extend or postpone your Selection for jury duty in specific ways. If you are a busy accountant and your date for the jury comes under the tax period. Then there are chances that your jury dates may get extend or even get cancel.

Reveal your raw views and opinion

 Revealing your identity is one of the evident excuses you will make to get out of jury duty. So make sure that you execute it in the right way. Also, it would be best if you sounded humble while putting the reason forwarded. Furthermore, convey that you may get bias opinion while the verdict in the court. Admit that you strongly get identified with some concepts or ideologies. Indeed, this will be a hindrance in fair decision making.

Affair with a convict

 Having a relationship or dating a convict is a strange method or excuse that will get you out of jury duty. However, it can be possible to tell the authorities about the love connection in a genuine way. There are almost zero chances that they will consider you.

Prove your Service 

If you have served your jury duty in the last 12 months, you don’t have to serve again. Jury duty comes only once a year. Indeed, this way of proving the Service is legal and can’t harm you.

Express your biased opinions on police officers 

If you express having a partial view on police officers, you will get a clear answer for how to get out of jury duty. However, a discriminatory mentality can be positive or negative. The jury selection team will keep this in mind and will eliminate you from jury duty.

Plead your genuine hardship 

Pleading about your real austerity can be one of the reasonable excuses you can make to get out of jury duty. Indeed, if you are honest, the authorities should understand the situation. Moreover, you can tell the expenses like travel and more that will cost you during this time. Here, emotions and understanding play a critical role and help you get out of jury duty.

Keep in Mind while making the way out to jury duty

  1. You must keep in mind a few things while making excuses to get out of jury duty.
  2.  Jury duty is a civic responsibility, make the appropriate excuse.
  3. The reason that you put forward should sound genuine.
  4.  Don’t create complications by making unwanted lame excuses.
  5.  Make sure that you communicate properly.
  6. Don’t make too much effort; it may create an adverse effect.
  7.  If your justification requires authenticity, you should be in a state to submit proper proofs.
  8. Don’t lie if you can’t handle it properly.
  9. It is advisable to tell the right reason. Indeed it will help you to proceed further in an appropriate way.


At the earliest, most people loved and felt proud in participating in the civic jury duty. Nowadays, due to a busy lifestyle and many other factors, people find it challenging to be a jury duty. They are hence making “how to get out of jury duty” question an internet sensation. There are many excuses and ways discussed above that will help you to get out of jury duty. However, these plans executions need to be appropriate, ensuring no harm for you in anyways. The civic jury is a good platform that will make you feel a sense of national inclusivity. So make sure that you use the above excuses only in critical situations.


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