How to make guacamole

How to make Guacamole?

Guacamole is a mouth-watering and delicious must-try recipe! 

In this blog, we would be sharing three perfect recipes to make guacamole that savours your test buds with healthy and delicious food. 

Ingredients that you require to make guacamole

To make guacamole at home, you would need an avocado, salt, lemon or lemon juice, chopped chillies, onion, tomato, and cilantro. 

Pro Tip:-

When you are picking up the avocados from a grocery store, you need to check if the avocados are ripe or not. And to do so, you must push them and if they feel slightly soft but not mushy. In this way, you check whether the avocado is ripped or not. As if the avocado is not much ripened and is hard, then guacamole would taste tasteless. And also, if the avocado is too much mushy, then it will taste off. So the key to the perfect Guacamole recipe is ripped avocado

The perfect way to cut an Avocado!

  • Place the avocado in your kitchen slab, and then pop up the avocado’s stem; it will be green underneath. To safely remove the pit from an avocado, use a knife to slice it in half. 
  • With the avocado half on the counter, lunge the knife into the pit, then twist to remove it. 
  • Now, using a paper towel or kitchen towel, remove the pit from the knife.
  • It should pop right off. 
  • Now, to scrape the avocado out of its skin, use a spoon or a fruit scoop. You can even use a regular soup spoon. 

How to make the perfect guacamole at home?

Over here, we would be sharing three different variants of guacamole that you can easily make at your home. These recipes are must-try ones. I am so sure that you are going to love these tasty variations.  

  1. Classic guacamole:- 

    Let’s first start with the all-time favourite, classic chunky guacamole. The texture of classic guacamole is the finest and eye-captivating one. I am sure you will love this recipe, as when you are going to eat it raw or with chips, you will find some chunks of guacamole, which are mouth-savouring.  

           So, let’s get started with one of the most authentic and classic guacamole without much delay. 

  • To make the perfect recipe, you will need three large avocados. Scoop out the avocado and transfer it to a large mixing bowl.
  • Now, with the help of a potato masher, coarsely mash-up these avocados. If you don’t have a potato masher, you can use a regular dining spoon and mash the avocados. 

Pro Tip:- 

Do not put the avocado in a mixer or grinder. Because we do not have to make a puree of avocado, we want to incorporate avocado pieces in the recipe.

  • Once you get the desired texture, after mashing up the avocados, next, you need to wash some lemons.
  • Now, take the freshly squeezed lemons, and squeeze the lemons to get one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice for every large avocado. Therefore, in this recipe, you would require three tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. 
  • Now, add the squeezed lemon juice to the mixing bowl. This will stop the avocado from getting brown and retain all its nutrients. In meanwhile, you can prepare other ingredients for the perfect recipe. 
  • Now, keep the mixing bowl aside. 
  • Take a chopper and finely chop one large white onion. This will add a clean and sharp flavour to your dish. 
  • Dice up one medium-sized tomato. 
  • Chop half a cup of cilantro. This can’t be skipped and avoided, as the dish’s flavour and texture add up when we add cilantro to it. 
  •  Add all the chopped ingredients: white onion, tomato, and cilantro, to the mixing bowl. Now add half a teaspoon of salt and a quarter teaspoon of black pepper to season up. 
  • Now, mix all the ingredients till everything becomes combined. 

Pro Tip

When you comb the ingredients with avocado, do not over mix the ingredients, as overmixing can lead to poor consistency of the mixture. 

Pro Tip

if you are not serving the guacamole immediately, then take a sheet of plastic, and place it over the mixing bowl. Cover it tightly so that air doesn’t enter the mixture. As avocados, when exposed to air, turns brown. So, this will stop the air from going inside and would also prevent browning. Now keep the covered mixing bowl in the refrigerator. 

1. Corn Guacamole

Let’s get started with our second version of guacamole. The second one is roasted corn or grilled corn guacamole. This recipe has big pieces of avocado as well as grilled corn. This recipe is a combination of sweet, smoky, creamy, and chunky guacamole. I am sure that even you are tempted to try this new recipe. So, without any further delay, let’s quickly jump to the recipe.

Over here, I have not mentioned the steps of selecting and peeling an avocado. Over here, we have directly jumped to the recipe.

Now, to make super yummy corn guacamole,

  • Peel and mash three large avocados. 
  • Now, add three tablespoons of fresh lime juice.
  • Take two corb cobs and grill them. 
  • Now, peel both the corn cobs.

Pro Tip

You can also use boiled corn directly. Over here, we are using grilled corb cobs, as by doing so, guacamole would become more delicious. 

  • Now break the corn kernels with your hands.
  • Add the corn kernels to the mixture of mashed avocados. 
  •  Put half finely chopped red onion. 
  • Then add half a cup of finely chopped cilantro.
  • Season it with half a teaspoon of salt, one-quarter teaspoon of black pepper, and lastly, half a teaspoon of ground cumin for a smoky flavour.
  • Now, mix all the ingredients well, do not over mix the ingredients. Make sure that all the ingredients are combined well. 
  • Now again, cover the plastic Tupperware box or mixing bowl with plastic wrapping paper to not allow air to go inside the mixture. 

It wasn’t that easy and super delicious! 

Now, let’s get started with our last variant of guacamole.

2. Spicy Guacamole

Different people have different choices. Some might like sweet and creamy flavours in their food, while others like spicy flavours. Keeping that point in mind, we have bought a fantastic recipe for all our followers, who like to eat spicy food. 

So, let’s jump to the recipe.

  • Take three large avocados, peel them off. 
  • Add three tablespoons of fresh lime juice. 
  • Now add half of a diced white onion, one diced tomato, and half a cup of freshly chopped cilantro.
  • For a mild spicy guacamole, use two jalapeno peppers.
  • If you want to make your guacamole extremely spicy, add serrano peppers or use habanero. (After this recipe, we have even mentioned the technique to dice up the serrano peppers.)

Pro Tip:- Use a hand glove while chopping serrano pepper or habanero, as these are very spicy and might turn your palms read. 

  • Now, add the finely chopped serrano pepper into your bowl of guacamole.
  • Now take two medium cloves of fresh garlic. Peel the garlic cloves.
  • Now, crush the cloves and add them to the mixing bowl. 
  • Garlic will make guacamole to the next level. So don’t forget to add them. 
  • To finish the recipe, season it with a half teaspoon of salt, a quarter teaspoon of black pepper, and half teaspoon of ground cumin powder. 
  • Now, mix all the ingredients well. Do not over-mix the mixture. 

Pro Tip:- To garnish it, you can add more pepper to the top. So, that people get a hint that this bowl is going to be of spicy guacamole. 

The technique to dice up the serrano pepper:-

  • Wear your hand gloves.
  • Now wash the serrano peppers.
  • Take the chopping board, and cut the tops of the serrano pepper.
  • Now, slice them each in half.
  • With the help of a teaspoon, scrape out the seeds located in the serrano pepper’s centre. 
  • Now slice the peppers into thin strips. 
  • Now, chop them off into as small as you can from all the angles. 

Pro Tip

You need to chop them as small as you can, such that the pieces of serrano pepper blend well into the guacamole. Also, this step is a must so that no one gets too much spice in a single bite. 


These three were my favourite Guacamole recipes, which I love to cook often. 

You can make these recipes for your breakfast, lunch, evening snacks. In short, these can be consumed whenever you feel like. Guacamole is perfect for your health. So, it would be best if you tried to indulge these recipes in your day-to-day lives as well. These will keep you full and satisfied for an extended period, and apart from it, they are easy to make. Even college-going students can prepare these recipes, as these are very healthy and don’t consume much time. 

It would help if you tried to indulge in all these tasty recipes in your day-to-day life, as they satisfy your cravings and allow you to stay fit and healthy. 


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