Tricks for how to see WIFI password on iPhone

Do you want to know how to see the WIFI password on an iPhone or the WIFI network to which your phone is connected? Finding a network password can be important for several reasons; sometimes, you might have forgotten the password for a saved network. Sometimes, you don’t want others to connect to the WIFI you’re already connected to but don’t know the password. To help you out, we will tell you some ways as well as the tricks to find out the connected WIFI password on your phone.

Where Can I Find My iPhone’s WIFI Password?

You can’t look up a WIFI network password directly on your iPhone unless it’s jailbroken and running apps that specifically allow you to do so.

You’d think you’d be able to look up your WIFI password right on your iPhone, but Apple doesn’t allow it. There is no way to find a WIFI password in iOS, even if you have the password saved in your Keychain.

Fortunately, there are other ways to look up passwords on your iPhone. The remainder of this article explains how to share your WIFI password without looking it up and provides some password-finding options on your Mac.

So, finally if you want to see the WIFI password on your iPhone, or If you need to know the passwords right away, this article will walk you through simple steps to view WIFI passwords on your iPhone.

Method: 1 How to see a WIFI Password in iOS 11 

how to see WIFI password on iPhone

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Generally  you cannot directly find a WIFI password on your iPhone as Apple does not provide any such feature in iOS, and you can’t find it even if it’s saved to Keychain. However, there are a few other options for sharing your iPhone’s WIFI.

First, if you’re running iOS 11 and above, and the other person is also on the same OS version, you can share your WIFI in just a few steps.

There are a few other requirements for this feature: that person’s Apple ID must be in your Contacts app and Bluetooth enabled on both devices. Also, both the devices need to be nearby.

Steps for how to see WIFI

Now, here’s how to share WIFI:

  •  Hold your iPhone near your friend’s iPhone.
  •  Your friend should try to connect to the same WIFI network you want to share.
  •  You will see a “Share Your WIFI” pop-up on your iPhone screen.
  • Tap “Share Password.” Your WIFI will connect to your iPhone. Then tap Done on your iPhone.
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Method:2 Check Your Personal Hotspot Password

how to see WIFI password on iPhone

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If you use Personal Hotspot, you have more options.

Personal Hotspot is an iOS feature that allows you to share your iPhone’s cellular data connection with other nearby WIFI devices. In that case, anyone nearby who wants to connect to WIFI using your iPhone only needs your Personal Hotspot password.

When you use Personal Hotspot, your iPhone acts as your home’s WIFI router. In that case, locating your Personal Hotspot password is straightforward.

Basically, iOS doesn’t let you directly view the password of connected WIFI networks. However, if you are using a Personal Hotspot or connected to the hotspot from another iPhone, you can easily find the WIFI password using the steps below.

Steps :

  • Open Settings on iPhone sharing data via Hotspot.
  • Here click on Personal Hotspot.
  • On the next screen, you will see the WIFI password in the WIFI Password field.
  • You can share this password with others to allow them to join your Personal Hotspot. Or you can connect to other hotspots using a password from their iPhone. Passwords can be changed based on your preference.

Method:3 Know WIFI Password Using Router Settings

how to see WIFI password on iPhone

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Moreover , Another method for using your iPhone to see WIFI password is to go directly to the source: your WIFI router. This isn’t quite the same as finding the WIFI password on your iPhone, but it does the job.

In this case, you’ll go directly to the source—the WIFI router—to obtain the password. All WIFI routers allow you to log in and change settings such as the password. 

In the conclusion full-proof way to find or recover forgotten WIFI passwords on your iPhone is by using router settings. Given below is how you can know the network key from the router configuration page.

Steps :

  • Go to WIFI Settings on your iPhone.
  • Tap the “i” icon next to the WIFI network you’re connected to.
  • From the next screen, take note of the router’s IP address, which is something like 192.168.0.x.
  • Now, open the browser on your iPhone and enter the IP address in the URL bar.
  • Use your router’s username and password to log into the console. If you’ve never changed it, check the default username and password in the router manual or on the router’s sticker.
  • You will usually find the WIFI password in the Wireless Settings tab. But the steps may vary depending on the make and model of your router.
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Additionally these were the three quick ways to find and recover the WIFI password on your iPhone. Sharing passwords to nearby iPhones wirelessly is what we use the most and sometime without WIFI connectivity we can pair  with television or computer. there is no requirement of WIFI However, if you want the same password, you can do it by going to the router settings.

Method:4 How to see a WIFI Password on a Mac Using iCloud Keychain

how to see WIFI password on iPhone

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However , You may not realize it, but your iPhone is loaded with saved passwords for websites, apps, and WIFI networks. These passwords are saved in the Keychain, a program that stores your login information and assists you by auto-filling it into login forms.

If you have a Mac, you can use iCloud Keychain to view WIFI passwords. iCloud Keychain works similarly to Keychain, except it stores your usernames in your iCloud account rather than your Mac or iPhone. Login information saved in iCloud can be synced to your iCloud-enabled devices. That means you can see a WIFI password saved on your iPhone on a Mac. Here’s how it works:

Steps :

  • To begin, ensure that iCloud Keychain is enabled on your iPhone. To open the Settings app, tap it.
  • At the top of the Settings screen, tap your name.
  • Select iCloud.
  • Select Keychain.
  • Slide the iCloud Keychain slider to the on/green position.
  • Then, navigate to the Apple menu in the upper right corner and select System Preferences on your Mac.
  • On macOS Catalina (10.15), click Apple ID first, then iCloud.
  • Select Keychain by checking the box next to it. This activates iCloud Keychain and syncs the iPhone password to the Mac. This could take up to a minute or two.
  • Next, launch the Keychain Access application on your Mac. The quickest way to do this is to open the Spotlight search tool by pressing Command+Space on your keyboard. Enter Keychain Access and press the Return key.
  • Enter the name of the WIFI network whose password you want to view in the Search box.
  • Double-click the WIFI network in the search results.
  • Select the Show password checkbox.
  • Finally enter the password you use to log in to your Mac.
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