How to mirror iPhone to Tv- Instant ways and More

How to mirror iPhone to Tv- Instant ways and More


Every day by day our modern technologies are getting more advance. Mobile phones can be considered as one of the most significant inventions in the last few decades. Indeed, it plays a crucial role in many aspects of our life. Today many smartphone companies in the market manufacture quality mobile phones. However, in matters of privacy and many other factors iPhone comes in the top brand list. The fascinating features and excellent functioning makes the iPhone unique. Also, there are many relevant additions like screen mirroring in iPhone, which is handy for the user. In this context, how to mirror iPhone to tv is a commonly asked question. So let’s look at the broader aspect of this iPhone mirroring to tv.

Features of iPhone Screen mirroring 

Before looking at how to mirror iPhone to tv, let’s look at screen mirroring features. To mirror the iPhone to tv means one can share the data from the phone to tv. Through the airplay option on the phone, one can mirror it with tv. Indeed, mirroring enables you to see the mobile version on the larger television screen. Screen mirroring can help you to enhance the entertainment experience that you may expect. For instance, you can watch movies, use online television platforms, and so on.

Various Ways to Connect iPhone to Tv

There are many easy ways to connect iPhone to tv. Thus how to mirror iPhone to tv will not be a matter of concern anymore. Let’s have a detailed look into the ways of screen mirroring.

Connect With HDMI cable

Connecting your iOs device to Tv with an HDMI cable is one of the most effortless screen mirroring ways. Indeed, it is straightforward and doesn’t involve many complications. You will be requiring Apple’s Lightning Digital AV adapter for connecting the phone to tv. Besides, if the AV adapter doesn’t get a suit for the older Apple devices, you can use JIMAT model pins. Also, it will be preferable to get a lengthy HDMI cable of about 15 ft in length. The setup process is easy; you need to connect one end of the HDMI cable to tv and the other to the AV adapter. Then connect the phone with the adapter and follow the instructions. Thus now your ios to tv will be screen mirrored.

How to mirror iPhone to Tv- Instant ways and More


 Connect iPhone to Apple Tv via Airplay

How to mirror iPhone to tv without wire is a more specific question that can come up. If you don’t wish to make a wire HDMI cable connection, then the airplay will be one of the best options. The advanced airplay protocol enables you to connect your iOS devices to apple tv. Also, it can beam audio and device video from the supported application.

Steps Involve in mirroring iPhone to Apple Tv

  1. As a primary step, ensure that your phone and tv are connected to the same internet connection.
  2. As a next step, open the screen mirror options from your iPhone.
  3. Once you see the option, tap it.
  4. Now you will see your Apple tv on the available mirroring options.
  5. After these steps, a four-digit number will appear on your television.
  6. Enter the four-digit that is visible on your tv.

After following all the above steps and entering the four-digit number, your device will connect to Tv. However, for many applications, mirroring is not necessary. Just by taping the airplay button during the functioning, it can get connected.

Other ways to mirror the iPhone to Tv

If you don’t have an apple tv, there are other ways to make a screen mirroring. Indeed, without expensive adapter cables mirroring is possible. Furthermore, on fire tv, Roku, and Chromecast devices, screening can be made. Some applications use the screen recording option is taken as a medium for mirroring. This process may consume time and sometimes run slow on your tv. However, they are handy enough in functioning.

Chromecast will allow you to play videos and audio directly from your mobile. Thus you don’t need to make your direct mirroring of your iPhone display. All you have to ensure is the proper operation of a particular application. For instance, once you plug the Chromecast, use the google home companion application to connect with an internet connection. Furthermore, you will see the Chromecast icon in the apps. Now click and select the Chromecast from your device list options. Besides, in Roku players, you can share photos, audio, and videos for mirroring using Roku mobile applications.

Keep in Mind

  • If you are using wire connections like HDMI, try to use original adapters to better the devices’ functioning.
  •  When you use an application for mirroring, ensure its authenticity. There are chances that your data may get hijacked.
  •  A proper wifi connection will help you to make screen mirroring easily. Also, if you are watching videos online, it will enhance the experience without lagging with good quality.
  •  Some application to mirror may take a little extra time, be patient, and wait till the process get complete.

Final Note

iPhone is one of the prevalent use of mobile phones across the globe. So it is quite apparent to expect many questions related to the device. Indeed, how to mirror iPhone to tv is one of the frequently asked questions. From the above steps given now, it might be apparent for a user to make screen mirroring. Undoubtedly, exploring the new dimensions and features of any device will enhance your technological experience.


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