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Hair System Shedding Problem

Your new hair system might shed in the first few days just because there are loose hairs that were not combed out before it got shipped to you. But, in case excessive shedding takes place beyond the first weeks as well as the first shampooing and cleaning, there can be other aspects causing the same. When you witness the hair system shedding issue, look for the kink from where your hair was injected or knotted into the base. In case you can, hair is shedding from the attachment point. 2 major causes of this are faulty manufacturing and getting conditioner on the base. 

Hair shedding issue

In case the knot is intact as well as you view both the returned hair and main hair shaft, hair likely slid out of edge on the lace base. It can occur when the lace tears or frays. Tangling and shedding, these 2 words can make anybody that utilizes the hairpiece groan in agony as maintaining hair quality is of utmost importance to everyone. This might be disheartening for you to brush the hair system as well as watch the precious hair locks fall out of place, or ending up with the fuzzy mess after attempting to remove tangles from the collection of personalized hairpieces. To avoid the complications, make sure to care for the hair system as much as possible. 

Different types of hair qualities

1. Real Human Hair

  • Chinese Hair – It is the toughest hair as compared to the other hair kinds, as well as having natural good straightness. While keeping the Chinese hair into your hand, you will feel the thickness. This is the major reason why it is an ideal option for straight hair solutions. 
  • Indian Hair – The Indian hair quality is impeccable as they are fine and soft as well as are the most suitable for the dark hair colors of any sort of hair length as well as shorter hair lengths in almost any color. Not only are they versatile but they are also bouncy, light, and excellent. 
  • European Hair – One of the main advantages of European hair is that they are naturally available in a variety of colors, neglecting the requirement for aggressive bleaching that diminish the destruction of hair. 

Comb hair

2. Synthetic Hair – 

A few people opt for wearing synthetic hair systems due to its affordable price. However, it has an unnatural shine that does not look appealing in the hair. You cannot dye, heat, style, or color synthetic hair like human hair. 

3. Virgin Hair – 

Along with the hair qualities, you also have to know about different ventilation methods. As far as the Virgin hair is concerned, they are that Remy hair which has not been modified by perms, dyes, harsh washes, or bleaches as the cuticle all need to be intact as well as running in a similar direction. 

4. Remy Hair – 

Those hairs that are kept “root-to-tip” which refers to the fact that the root end is distinguishable from its tip end. 

Why Shedding occurs?

1. Unattended tangling and matting – 

Left unresolved, excessive tangling and matting which is then forcefully removed will tighten matted hair as well as will tear them out. Ensure the fact that your care routine of the hair system considers this point. 

2. Excessive brushing or combing – 

Just buying cheap human hair wigs is not enough as you also have to maintain moderate combing in the hair system. Excessive brushing or combing will break off hair as well as will cause premature thinning of the non-surgical hair system. 

3. Conditioners lasting in the base/root area of your hair system – 

It might be the single most important factor of ongoing hair system loss. Conditioners that are permitted for being absorbed onto the system’s base as well as gathering around its root system will prevent the root system from rotating 360 degrees resulting in hair loss of your hair system. 


4. Friction – 

From overly aggressive shampooing or pillows will break off your hair as well as will thin and tear out the same. Moderation is most important in terms of the maintenance of your hair system. 

5. Excessively cold or hot water – 

Use tepid water while washing your hair wigs. It is significant to clean the tips for extending your hair piece’s lifespan. 

Different types of ventilation procedures

1. Injected Ventilation – 

As you know ventilation comes into place when hair duplication is not possible. This is the most general method in a thick poly hair system. You put the base on the mold and utilize the special needle for injecting hair into the base. Then, you flip the base over as well as clip off the additional hair which is on that side. Ultimately, you fix hair with the thin layer of adhesive. 

2. Knotted Ventilation – 

3 types of knots are utilized for different reasons, each one having the variation of visibility, positioning, and strength of your hair system. 

  • Single Knot – This is the simplest for laying flat as well as is an ideal one for the freestyle hair pattern. 
  • Half Knot – In terms of ventilation methods, this is the most undetectable and smallest hair knot. 
  • Double Knot – This is the best one for an extremely thick hair system density along with a lot of height. 
  • Bleached Knots – After knots are being tied to your hair system base, the workers apply the layer of bleach liquid to your knots. 

Human hair wig 3. V-looped Ventilation –

This is not exactly the knot however it is considered as more of an injection. Your hair gets injected into your skin and then out again as well as it means that your hair is almost sewn in a U or V shape to roots. 

How to avoid Hair System Shedding

  • Apply the knot sealer on your hair system for sealing knots as well as keeping them firmly tied. It is the spray bottle and that is why this is convenient to use, spray it on the mesh or lace, as well as allow it for drying before wearing. 
  • Brush/comb the hair every day for preventing tangles. It also assists in prolonging the non-surgical hair replacement system’s life span.  
  • Make it a point that you avoid under-conditioning and saturating the knots or base with a conditioner. 
  • Always use the heat protectant before you style the hair. It also applies to blow dryers or straighteners. 

Hair wash

  • If you use satin material then there is a high probability that you will be able to reduce friction to a greater extent. It will boost your hair system’s life span.
  • While wearing the hair system, kindly pat the head with your hand rather than scratching the scalp. Whether you use V-looped Ventilation or any other sort of procedure, always remember that scratching will loosen your knots as well as will cause your system to shed instantly. 
  • Make a few big braids in the hair while going to swimming, exercising, or sleep. It is relevant for you to untangle the hair before braiding. 

After shedding steps

  • In case you spend plenty of time outdoors exercising or doing yard work, make sure to wear a baseball cap or hat. Also, use the UV hair system protection as it will be an excellent choice, be it in the form of leave-in conditioner, protection spray as UV safety will keep oxidation at bay through making the sunlight bounce off of the amazing-looking hair system. 
  • Use your blow dryer on the coolest setting long enough for arranging your hair into the desired style. Think of your blow dryer as the brush as well as don’t blow your hair system dry as it will cause a molded and matted look. 
  • Appropriately storing the hairpieces makes sure that they will be good to go when you require them, as soon as you require them. Just look for a dry, nice paper box (as long as one keeps any box in a dry, cool place, it will do the work) as well as put your hairpiece in it when you are done. 
  • With time, every hair system loses its luster and becomes brittle, dry, tangled, and faded. In this case, you can take the help of professionals who can rejuvenate its color as well as replenish elasticity and moisture through deep conditioning treatments. 


Maintenance of the hair system is something that the customers usually struggle with. This is acceptable as there are a lot of aspects to it like hair system washing, cleaning, styling, and care. Now that you know that preventing oxidation and maintaining your hair system properly will ensure its safety, you can make it a point that hair system shedding can be avoided as much as possible. For reducing hair system shedding as well as keeping it healthy and shiny, it is important to know about the treatments, reasons, and symptoms. This effective yet simple guide will assist you to maintain the human hair system like never before. Furthermore, this will assist in reducing hair system shedding and it will last longer. 

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