10 interesting things you must know about Crazy 4 Poker Table Game

Crazy 4 Poker Game

Crazy 4 Poker Game is one of the most popular card games to be enjoyed by varied audience members and mainly circles around three cards. 

The major alternating difference in this game is that the winning hand at the end of the game is usually determined by 4 cards. A great strategy and thinking process can lead to a simple win and a good dealt hand of high ranking cards, of course. 

These range from a 4 card straight, along with a 4 card flush representing a flush or a 4 card straight flush when is called a straight flush, these are regarded as the best dealt hands in the Crazy 4 poker game

The game gradually builds into momentum and picks up the pace, and the slow build-up is very much appreciated by the audience and the seasoned players. Here are some interesting things you will get to experience when you play Crazy 4 poker game@ Vegas Slots, the leading online gaming platform. 


Once the player has placed his bet, this is done for both the ante wager as well as the super bonus wager components. Is any player is interested in the Queens upside, they will be required to place a bet when the game commences only.

2. Rules

Every player along with the dealer is dealt 5 cards. Following this, the player can wish to review and decide if he wants to continue; that is raised or quit, which means fold. In order to proceed and do the needful, the player needs to place a wager. If the player chooses to quit; that is fold, he or she loses all bets.

3. Taking the game forward

The real game begins when the player takes the game forward by choosing to raise, and he or she will be required to wage and place about 3 times the initial or ante bet. A good tip to help decide whether to raise or not since it is a huge sum, we are taking into account that will function as the wager, the player should have about a pair of aces, this is quite a guarantee to win a good hand. But if not, a player can choose to just wage and place a bet that is proportional and equals the initial or ante bet.

4. Who wins and how?

Therefore, going forward, the players then mix and can individually according to their own selves pick and select the best 4 cards out of the given 5. After all the wages, bets and stakes have been placed and put forth, the dealer then turns to his dealt cards and reveals it to the players, and thus picking the best 4 cards out of the total hand of 5, making it the dealers’ hand. This is used as a reference of comparison for all the other players and then is used to decide the winning side accordingly.

5. Types of bets

The initial or original bet placed at the start of the best is called the ante bet.

The play bet is the one that is placed when the player decides to not fold but raise and continue playing, after getting dealt 5 cards. This is the main determinant of the game.

Queen’s Upside is a bet placed in the game where the player requires a pair or combination of better quality and ranking of cards; however, this best does not affect the dealer’s hand that is dealt in any way. Super Bonus bet is the one placed by the player, which is equal in amount to the play bet, which is equal to the Ante wager. To win, a player would need a better or straight hand than everyone else and would lose if he or she folds, or the dealer is dealt a better hand in comparison.

6. The rank of the hands

The kind of cards involved in Crazy 4 poker game is a mix of high and low power poker hands. 

The winning hand is of 4 cards which can range from combinations of a priority scale from, four of a kind, straight flush, three of a kind, flush, straight, two pair, pair and 4 singletons.

7. Payouts 

If an ante bet is placed then the payout will happen only if the dealer does not facilitate ante pushes, the player wins through the bet when the dealer opens, or the dealer opens and instead ties with the ante pushes, or the dealer can also open and win the ante losses. Thus the payout is according to these conditions for both the play bet and the ante wager.

For the super bonus, a player would require a high ranking hand dealt cards, or a straight hand would also do. The player would win less than a straight, and even if the player loses, they will still have the dealt straight hand.

8. Strategy tips

The game can be won using simple tips and tricks which can bring about great wins.

If the player manages to have a hand with a pair of aces or even higher ranking cards, then he or she should raise the wager considerably to win significantly. Having a K, Q , a 4 or an 8 are also favourable cards and the player can consider raising the wager to a reasonable amount. The player should consider folding if he or she has any other cards because it would not fare well.

9. Equipment

This game requires six card decks and is traditionally played against the dealer. The player needs a compatible device and an internet connection. 

10.  Physical setting

The game has its own thrills in a physical setting with the arrangement of chairs and the dealer dealing the cards live right in front of you. You can gauge and try to decipher what the expression of the other player means when each card is dealt and makes for a tense, thrilling atmosphere.

Thus the game of poker in Crazy 4 poker is revamped and its own oomph elements which are every player’s favourite along with the ease and simplicity of the rules. If you are interested in it, then click here to experience the fun first-hand.

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