Netgear: A Complete Troubleshooting User Manual

As far as the security is concerned with devices and home networking system, Netgear has been the most trustful brand among all. We have been receiving customers’ valuable feedback from all over the world. It has been well known for spreading the existing router range to far corners of the house and mywifiext would be the best default way to setup your Netgear range extender.

But some people face issues during the steps of installation. Here, we would like to say that these issues are quite normal. You have to be calm at this stage and show little bit of your concern and patience.

What Issues You Face Errors during Configuration

  • Maybe you are not receiving proper signals from your main router. Make sure that your router is located in a cool and dry place. Better if placed at central location of the house.
  • Is your router physically connected to your modem? If not, connect them both with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  • Before anything else, update your router and the modem with the latest version.
  • Do not mess wires of your devices with each other. Unplug all the wires and plug them all properly and in good sequence.
  • Your cables and adapters supposed to be in good condition no matter whether they are new one or existing.
  • Interference of third-party WiFi network.
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How Can You Receive the Best Internet Range without Buffering in Every Corner of your House?

If you want to boost the speed of your existing network and want to enjoy its range at every inch of your house from door front to backyard. Just follow some rose-petal steps given below steps.

Note: During the setup process we strictly recommend to turn off all WiFi devices and metal appliances like mixer grinder, Bluetooth speakers, juicer, cordless phones, dishwasher, etc.

  • After that, place your extender and the router within the range of each other. Plug them into an electric wall socket and do not go further until you see blinking LED lights your devices.
  • Connect them both with the help of an Ethernet cable and then with another Ethernet cable connect your extender and the computer or a laptop.
  • Also, make sure that your router and the modem are properly connected with each other.
  • Pull up an internet browser to log in to the web interface of Netgear genie by typing in the address bar.

Note: We suggest you to clear all the stuff like malware, cache, cookies and browsing history from your PC or laptop.

Netgear Genie Setup: Reliable Networking Web Interface

Netgear Genie app is the most useful app that can run on PC and laptop as well as your smart phones. It is also known for monitoring, repairing, and managing your home networking system. It is also capable of repairing those wireless network problems that are very common in today’s modern era. On the other hand, it also gives an easy access to router features like speed test, broadband usage meter, guest access, parental control, and more.

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Note: In order to manage your router settings with Netgear genie app, you might want to update the router to the latest firmware whenever it is available.


  • Due to some technical issues, you might see an error message while mywifiext login. Here, you don’t have to worry. Just exit from the current web browser and try login from another.
  • In case, you don’t have the default details, then without wasting your precious time, call our tech support team immediately and ask them to fix error issues.
  • If you don’t see any LED lights on your range extender, then press and hold the WPS button on the range extender for 30-60 seconds and after that release it.

Please let us know in the comment box given below that how can we help and serve you more. You are free to lay all your queries in the comment box given below.

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