Is Windows Defender Good Enough? Antivirus Updates 2021

Is Windows Defender Good Enough? Antivirus Updates 2021


Windows Defender is one of the antivirus programs used in a computer. It was initially developed by Microsoft cooperation, so it is also known as Microsoft defender. However, the popularity and use of this is broader. So many doubts and confusions come across regarding this software. Is windows defender good enough to protect a computer from a virus attack is a frequently asked question. Let’s look at the more profound and broader aspects of this query.

Windows Defender

Before dealing with Windows defender, a fair enough question, let’s try to understand more about this software. This program is useful in protecting a computer from malicious activities. Indeed, it protects, detects, and removes such threat causing actions. Unlike the other programs, this is easy to scan. There are three options available easy scan, custom scan, and full scan. However, it is crucial to know that till what extend windows defender can protect a system from virus attacks.

Is Windows Defender Good Enough

If windows defender good enough question in context, Microsoft company ensures that customers will have protection against virus issues. Over a period from 2009, the Microsoft company claims improvements in their software. In the open lab assessments, the reviews on defender came up impressively. Indeed, it is quick enough to detect and prevent malicious activities. Thus windows defender has a good enough performance rating.

However, in the other analysis, certain aspects of this were not up to the level. Indeed, it is a disappointment for customers. The exclusive and advanced level of options in defender was not to the optimum level. Besides, it works well and is handy enough. Understanding the fundamental features of  defender will help you to get better clarity. It is about the customer’s need to know that the defender functions will give one a better idea. 

Features of Windows Defender

The features of a software or program, in a way, is the reflection of its quality. There are few highlighting features of windows defender, and They are as follows:

Real-time protection

Real-time protection is one of the most significant features of defender. The primary function is to stop any spyware that gets detected on the system before the computer operates. Also, it scans the downloading files and attachments if they carry any spyware. Moreover, It can trace spyware that is actively trying to run on to the computer system.

Application guard


The function of the application guard is to allow suspicious websites to access in isolation. However, This application works on devices that support virtualization.

Exploit guard

The primary function of an exploit guard in defender is to reduce the attack surface of applications. Also, it has four effective functioning as follows.

  1. Attack surface reduction rules are one of the elements of exploit guard. Indeed, it prevents malicious activities that can enter the computer through emails.
  2. Another highlight is the controlled folder access feature. It also detects and blocks ransomware that can harm the pc.
  3. Network protection option in the exploit guard enables scanning of network traffic.
  4. Exploit protection features stops exploits such as data execution prevention and alsomemory allocation randomization.
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Advanced option

The advanced option in the defender enables to scan archive files, emails, and removable drives. The customer receives quick and latest updates. Furthermore, the defender team continually works on the latest updates of the software. Indeed, the advanced threat intelligence feature, next-generation protection function are some examples of it.

Comparing Windows Defender with Other Antivirus Software’s

A comparative study is always helpful to understand the different dimensions of anything. Like windows defender, many other antiviruses are popular in the market. Avast, Avira, Kaspersky, Trend micro, etc., are a few among such programs. Specifically, Let’s take Avast antivirus and make a comparative study.

Avast Antivirus

Avast antivirus is one of the effective antivirus software. Also, Avast makes the development of this software for Microsoft. Like windows defender, The essential features of avast are detecting viruses, malware, and spyware. Furthermore, both the premium and free version of avast is available. Almost every antivirus has basic functioning to detect viruses that damage the system. Both windows defender and avast antivirus software have their distinctive features. Let’s dig more and make a comparative study, indeed will help to understand Is windows defender good enough or not.

Windows defender v/s Avast antivirus

Is Windows Defender Good Enough? Antivirus Updates 2021


Both software deals with detecting malicious activities, viruses, and Spywares.

 Comparing windows and avast, both software comes with all necessary features. But by looking closer, Avast’s high-end security feature high-end one makes avast an upper hand.

Looking at malware protection, both the software shows excellent performance. However, In an antivirus test of 2019, defender had the upper hand over avast antivirus. The assessment of antivirus was based on protection, performance, and usability. In this test, windows defender made 6/6, but where else, the avast could only secure 5.5/6.

In System performance, both the antivirus doesn’t make the system in the slow run. Indeed, both windows defender and avast don’t affect the system performance. However, in the AV test of April 2019, avast scored 6/6 in the system test. But Windows defender was only able to score 5.5/6. 

More Info

As a matter of  User-friendliness, windows defender and avast are easy to use. The interface of defender is neat and clean, which makes the user comfortable to use. Also, there are no too many icons and unimportant options on the main interface. The options and icons are clear and straightforward. Similarly, the avast interface is intuitive and straightforward.

The large green checkmark in the center is an indication that everything is perfectly alright. Besides, if there is any problem or threat, the checkmark will turn into a red exclamation point. The kind of threats includes malicious activity that gets detect or already when the system is affected by the virus. These checkmark indications are easy to understand by the user and helps to know whether the system is in threat or not. Thus in this aspect, both defender and avast are very user-friendly.

 Regarding the Subscription charge, defender doesn’t charge for upgrades, and Largely it is a free program. Avast gives a full set of antivirus products only in premium packages. However, windows defender and avast gives the users essential services at no cost.

Final Note

Is windows defender good enough to use is the main question that needs to get an answer now. From discussing the features and making comparative studies, certain aspects of windows defender became clearer. Certainly, windows defender is one of the excellent antivirus software that can function well on a computer. However, it has its limitations and drawbacks too. So it also depends upon the customer that what he/she expects an antivirus to perform. Some may feel comfortable with defenders. Some may not experience the same. Undoubtedly, the try and use of windows defender will not be the worst experience.


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