Strata Maintenance Management Services: What you need to know


Strata maintenance refers to the planned maintenance of the property. Shared spaces include parking lots, lifts, gymnasiums, swimming pools, play areas, and gardens, and strata refer to flats or lots at various levels or strata, and these maintenance services are a part of strata maintenance.

What is the definition of a strata title?

The best way to understand strata title property is to use an example. A multi-story structure, for example, is divided into distinct lots such as houses or independent floors when a developer constructs under a strata scheme. On the other hand, the segmentation is not only vertical but also lateral. Horizontal strata development is exemplified by freestanding properties scattered across a large region. Strata lots are sometimes known as strata units or condominiums.

Strata title developments come in a variety of shapes and sizes:

  • Business-related
  • Mixed-use property
  • Apartment with maid service
  • The retail industry
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Hotels and resorts

When you buy a strata-titled property, you automatically become a co-owner of the common areas on the property. This means that an owner’s stake in a strata unit cannot be separated from his part of vested interests in the society’s common properties, such as parks, gardens, and gyms. A strata lot owner, for example, is not permitted to sell their proportionate share of the shared assets while maintaining ownership of the strata unit. With such properties, you also have ownership of taking care of them and invest in it. 

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The reactive and planned division works hard to keep your property in good shape, and our contract managers are always available to address clients’ individual maintenance needs.

Reactive Maintenance

Strata have a proven track record of completing various reactive maintenance projects. They respond quickly to all building problems, from fixing a broken window to replacing a lock.

The main goal is to help clients get back to business as rapidly as possible while also making recommendations for any additional correction work.

The following are specific services: Installation and Repairs of Carpentry, Electrical, and Flooring.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Strata recognize the relevance of the client’s assets to the firm’s development. As a result, custom planned strata maintenance programs aim to preserve and transform the clients’ structures.

The delivery method is intended to be adaptable and scalable. They collaborate with clients to strike the correct balance for their company, considering operational needs, legal obligations, and industry standards.

The following are examples of specific planned programs:

  • Surveying and photographing the state of the property on an annual basis is a good idea.
  • Renewal of the decor
  • Monthly checkup and annual release test for emergency lighting
  • Inspection and maintenance of external lighting in parking lots and buildings
  • Inspection and easement of external and fire doors
  • Testing of Fire Alarms
  • Assessment of Fire Risk
  • Inspection of gas safety and piping
  • Inspection and repair of hardscapes
  • Lighting checks
  • Maintenance, service, and replacement of locks
  • Controlling Legionella is a difficult task.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of stone.

The benefits and drawbacks of strata maintenance


Repairs and upkeep: The strata management or organization is responsible for timely maintenance and repairs through quarterly levies.

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Ease of sale: Because strata-titled homes are in high demand due to their cheaper costs, they are easier to find purchasers.

Neighborhood Living: A housing arrangement such as strata provides inhabitants with a friendly and secure environment, offering a high-quality lifestyle.

Strata Maintenance


High maintenance costs: Strata maintenance expenditures are typically more remarkable, especially for facilities like elevators, gyms, and swimming pools.

Inseparable interests: A strata lot owner cannot sell their proportionate share of the joint assets while still owning the strata unit.


Strata Maintenance provides property maintenance for commercial buildings, both planned and reactive. We serve as the initial point of contact for a wide range of maintenance services. Our devoted team proactively manages all projects. We ensure a rapid and effective two-way flow of training and support systems, and we’re always looking for innovative ways to do so.

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