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The Good Place Season 5

Do you like to watch comedy shows? The Good Place is one of the popular comedy shows you can watch on Netflix. Trust me; it is entertaining and engaging. Michael Schur left no ingredient to add spice to the show. You will fall in love with Kristen Bell once you start watching the show. However, the most awaited season of the decade is The good place Season 5. We will have a thorough discussion about this American fantasy drama in this article. Also, we will see if “The Good Place session 5 is happening for real or not”. But, first, let us see how well you know your favorite drama!

The Good Place: Introduction

In this section, we will know some basic facts about the series. Then, this session will focus on increasing your general knowledge about the show.

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So, Michael Schur is the creator of this Fantasy and comedy genre show. On September 19, 2016, NBC aired the show for the first time. However, the show lasted for four years, with 53 episodes till January 2020. 

Moreover, The good place is currently streaming on Netflix for all four seasons. So for those who have not watched yet, do hurry! It is a series worth watching.

The Good Place: Plot

The story of this comedy series is entirely based on fantasy. Similarly, as we all believe there is a heaven or hell, the series focuses on the afterlife. After humans die, they either go to heaven, aka A good place or hell, aka A bad place. Every human being is assigned a scorecard based on their deeds. Now, the choice of the place depends entirely on their scores. If they carry out moral tasks and good deeds all their life, they add positive points to their scorecard. Therefore, good deeds are the ticket for landing in A good place in the afterlife.

However, if an individual is bad with no hope of morality, it is most likely to end up in a bad place. A good place will give you eternal joy and happiness. On the other hand, a bad place will be a hub for eternal suffering. Moreover, Janet, an artificial intelligence and guide , does the guidance of these two places.

Plot: Season 1

Kristen Bell portrayed Eleanor Shellstrop, who is the lead character. After her demise, Eleanor goes straight to heaven or A good place. A Good place is a heaven with eternal happiness. Michael is the maker and father of a Good Place. A good place is usually offered to those who led a righteous life.

Unfortunately, Eleanor was mistakenly ended up in A good place. Therefore, Eleanor was confused. She was never moral and committed lots of sins during her life on earth. In fear of being thrown into A bad place, Eleanor decided to learn ethics living in heaven. The story of season 1 revolves around Eleanor’s attempts to become a better person. Also, it depicts the challenges Micael, the creator of A good place, faces during her time in A Good Place.

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Plot: Season 2.

Season 2 defines Michael’s failed attempts to torture humans and deleting their memories. However, humans always end up knowing the truth. Due to his failed attempts, a demon who wants to replace him starts blackmailing him. Thus, Michael took the help of a human to solve this matter and offered them a place in a Good Place in return.

Michael got to know that humans can become moral and ethical in their afterlife as well. Therefore, he fought for humans against the eternal judge who decided to send them back to earth to improve their misdeeds. Also, The judge rested his case, saying that humans should not remember their afterlife once they return to the world. Moreover, according to the judge, it was like a second chance for the humans to prove themselves.

Plot: Season 3.

The third season is all about humans’ attempts to improve their deeds to secure A good place after death. Therefore, Chidi, along with Simone, started a group research to help humans improve their deeds. They believed that teaching them ethics would help them in the afterlife.

However, they found that no human being was sent to A good place in thousands of years, to their surprise. As a result, they proposed a case against the numerical scorecard system. According to them, the system is flawed and needs necessary changes. Moreover, they offered an improved system in which humans can become moral even in their afterlife with the right direction and support. Finally, they urged to test their theory and asked for a Good Place doppelganger.

Plot Season 4.

The fourth season showed that their test theory was a success. That means humans can improve their morals and deeds even in the afterlife. As a result, A new and implemented system was established. In this new system, humans in the afterlife can secure their position in a Good Place. However, it is possible once the deceased pass the test based on morality. Also, the new system offers humans to exit a Good place if they wish. If humans start getting bored from eternal bliss in A good place, they can choose to end their afterlife.

As a result, Eleanor and her fellows Chidi and Jason choose to end their time in A good place in the final episode. Meanwhile, Michael decided to live a human life on earth. But, on the other hand, The good place responsibility falls on the shoulders of Tahani.

The Good Place season 5: Real or fake news?

By now, I believe non-viewers are finding the story exciting and wish to watch this fantastic show. Netflix now has the accessibility to streaming the show after NBC. However, I am afraid I do not have good news for fans. The information for The Good Place season 5 was fake. The series completes at season 4. The creator has finally confirmed that they have put a full stop to the series. There will be no The Good Place season 5. 

I know it’s sad! But for the non-viewers, let us shed some light on the stars of the show.

The Good Place: Cast

  1. Kristen Bell played Eleanor. Eleanor Shellstrop is from Phoenix, Arizona, and works as a saleswoman. However, she dies and ends up at A Good Place.

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    She was a selfish woman which means, the deceased lawyer made a mistake by sending her to a Good place. However, the character struggles to earn her spot and become a better individual.

  2. Chidi Anagonye became the soulmate of Eleanor and started teaching her morals.
    The Good Place season 5

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    Moreover. William Jackson Harper played the character of this Teacher of morals and ethics. Chidi belongs to Nigeria; however, he speaks French. Chidi is a kind human being and loves to support others to do good. However, he ends up making wrong decisions due to his poor ability to choose.

  3. Here comes a wealthy fashion vista and philanthropist, Tahani Al-Jamil. Jameela Jamil

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    carried out the role of this deceased British model. Jamil ends up in A good Place and always tries to see good in others. She befriended Eleanor, who hates her cheerful sight and name-dropping practice.

  1. Janet is like a robot from A Good Place. This AI is like a genie for The Good place residents. She is responsible for providing everything the deceased desires.

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    D’Arcy Carden played this beautiful character in the series. However, it was unbelievable to watch when Janet starts developing feelings and behaving opposite of her nature.

  2. Along with Eleanor, the other person who mistakenly ends up in A good place is Jason Mendoza. Manny Jacinto played the character well.
    The Good Place season 5

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    He was a drug dealer with American Filipino ancestry. Jason was immature with no brains. But, his kind heart made him secure his place.

  3. And our list does not complete without Ted Danson. He played the character of Michael. Michael is the creator of Good and Bad places.

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    He finds human life fascinating and is obsessed with how they live. He is the only one solely responsible for the affairs of the afterlife. 

The Good place: Critics response

The series gained positive reviews and ratings from critics. For example, Rotten Tomatoes rated the first season 92%. Based on 71 reviews, the series got an overall rating of 7.74/10.

The main characters of the show Ted Danson and Kristen Bell, also got positive responses from critics. Critics said few words to appreciate the show. Instead, they mentioned that both the actors were super entertaining. The afterlife was portrayed beautifully and uniquely. Also, they added that it was a clever way to represent a series.

Moreover, another critic’s website scored the first season 78/100 based on 32 reviews. Also, the good place secured the second position in the list of top shows in 2016-17.

Not only the first season but the second season also got impressive reviews. Starting from Rotten tomatoes, which gave an outstanding 100% rating based on 58 reviews. This time, the series got a good rating from Metacritic. Based on ten reviews, the series scored 87/100 on Metacritic.

Some editors mentioned that the Good place is entertaining and very engaging. They said it is better than Friends as it is some new kind of comedy.

Conclusion:- The Good Place season 5 is fake news!

I am going to end the article hoping it was worth reading. I know the fans were disappointed by now. But we will soon come with some good news of new seasons of other favorite series. The article tells you the story of the last four seasons in brief. Also, the names of the main characters are mentioned in the article. We have discussed the background story of all the characters here in this article. In the end, I hope you enjoyed the article. Thank you and take care!

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