The Ultimate Modern Man’s Grooming Guide

Modern Mans Grooming

Today, men understand the importance of grooming however, the most overlooked part of Modern Man’s Grooming regime stays body hair removal. While body grooming can be a tricky business, there’s a correct way to handle the pruning experience, and it varies for each part of the body. Body grooming is much more than trimming a beard. So, the question is what all things are worth approaching?

First, make sure you have a men’s body groomer. There are various body grooming trimmers available in the market. Popular brands like VEGA offer a wide selection of men body groomers, like VEGA Body Groomer for Men (VHBG-01). It helps men quickly and comfortably maintain hygiene. 

To achieve the desired hair length, the body groomer offers multiple trimming combs. It is equipped with stainless steel blades and can be used on a wet or dry surface. You can easily shave hard-to-reach spots with this body grooming trimmer. The long handle indeed makes it more convenient to handle the men body groomer.

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Once you have bought a good body groomer, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Hot Shower

Before trimming body hair, most men make the mistake of not showering and often take a shower after trimming. Taking a hot shower before the Modern Man’s Grooming session opens up your pores and thoroughly cleanses your hair. In contrast, a cold shower after trimming is a great option to clean the trimmed hair, it makes the trimming part a smooth process.

2. Decide on The Pattern & Shape

Take a couple of seconds before jumping in to decide if you want to go for a nice, smooth trim or leave some light fuzz. You do not need to think much for most body areas, but the chest area is a little trickier. So, think about how you want your chest hair to look like. Do not make the mistake of leaving hair at uneven and shabby lengths on your body.

3. Go Ahead & Start Trimming 

Now, you can start trimming the hair on your body with a men body groomer. Start by using a wide guard for an overall trim and trim all of your hair down to an exact length. Then start trimming the areas you want to shave fully with a smaller guard. Note that long chest hair to no chest hair should not look so sharp. You can choose the no guard trim to get this kind of fade on the outer edges of your chest hair.

4. Shave for a Smoother Look

If you want a clean smooth-look after trimming, you will have to shave. It’s easier to shave body hair than shaving your beard. You can use the right body grooming trimmer for the same. The skin here is not fragile and has almost no curves. The next step is to shave your chest hair, forearm, or whatever part you are on. A separate shaving foam, or even your hair conditioner, may be used as a hack. If you want to build the natural fade that we spoke of in the previous point, avoid shaving at all.

5. Final Touches

The last step is to take another shower with cold water to rinse the excess hair off. Afterward, make sure to moisturize your skin. There you go, Modern Man’s Grooming session is now complete!

So, do not wait and check out the best men body groomer from VEGA on their online store. Your perfect grooming appliance is just a click away!

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