Things to Check Before You Get Custom Badges Done


Badges these days have become popular, because most of the people love to wear them and flaunt around. Badges are made using famous movie quotes, photographs of people, symbols, etc. These are available right at the stores and buying these can be pretty simple.

But sometimes you may want to get a custom badge made specifically for your purpose. Most of the people these days also get their names printed on their badges, or get their favourite quote embossed on them, and roam around wearing them.

Getting custom badges is easier these days, because there are a lot of stores that are into this business. In this article, we have written a few things that you must check when you are getting the custom badges made.

Check for The Design

You must make sure to cross-check the design multiple times before going to the shop, because once you handover the design at the store, the designer would start working on it, and finally, the printed badge would be given to you.

Hence, finalizing the design is very much important. Some people would be extremely finicky about the designs, and the designers would be even more cautious. They would not take up the order unless the customer finalizes the kind of design they want.

Give Them the Right Number

Some of the vendors do not take up the orders of printing one or two badges. They would always choose to make custom badges in bulk. These badges can be used as the best give away in parties or any other events.

Hence, whether you want only a couple of them for your family, or you want them in bulk, you should always specify it to the vendor and ask if they are fine with the order beforehand. You can also choose to get one or two badges from a person who does take such small orders. Most of the vendors also take up bulk orders and deliver them to the customers at their doorstep, but such facility may not be possible for a small order.

The Choice of Design is Yours

When you are placing your order for custom badges, know that the choice of picture to be printed in them is completely yours. You could choose to get some tests done as well. Hence, this is one of the major things that you must know when you are getting these badges made.

The badges come in various sizes, and this is again your discretion to get the badges done according to your preference.

You must make sure to speak to the vendor or the designer about the size, else they may never be able to deliver the badge that you want. Hence, this is one of the things you must know before ordering your custom badges.

You can also get a pin badge or a magnet badge or both according to your taste. Since it is a custom badge, everything is left to your discretion, and you can get them done in the exact manner you want to.


The cost of these badges can vary depending upon the colors, sizes, and also materials that are used to make them. Some of the badges are made using plastic, while some of the badges are also made using metals. Generally, the badges made using metal is expensive than the ones that are made using plastic.

Well, these are some of the things that you must know when you are ordering your custom badges. Apart from that, you must also be particular when you choose the kind of vendor too, because there are a lot of vendors who make the badges these days. We have listed the things that you need to do while placing your order for the badges. Now, you can step out and get one for yourself.

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