10 Steps to Take After your Identity is Stolen

Technological advancements have changed the banking and finance scene across the world. As far as the efficiency and ease are concerned, internet intervention in transactions is a real blessing, but every development comes with its cons. The case here is not different. Online financial transactions have given way to a massive rise of securities breaches such as identity thefts, fraudulent transactions, hacking, etc. as a result of which, we have seen a worldwide surge in the lawyers and law firms which look after the regarding lawsuits. Identity theft attorney in Georgia and other such significant cities across the world have a profound knowledge of such unfortunate occurrences. According to the leading identity theft defense attorney, these are the primary steps which must be taken if you run into a case of online financial forgery:

identity theft defense attorney

  • Close all the cards down!

Without any further ado, take this step as soon as you notice any suspicious activity with your cards. You must block your existing cards and any other services associated with them, to avoid incurring any further financial losses. The procedure to do so is not very complicated. You need to ask your banker to guide you through.

  • Credit freeze!

The leading fraud defense attorneys in cobb county and other regions of the world, often stress a lot on a ‘credit freeze’. A freeze prevents your banker and credit reporting agencies from forwarding your credit information to any new creditors. This is a powerful defense tactic.

  • Let your banker know!

After you are done dealing with the ‘first aid’, make sure that you let your routine banker know about the suspected security breach. It’s not only going to introduce you to new and customized ways to deal with the problem but will also boost your morale in the situation of inconvenience! 

  • FTC needs to know!
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In the united states, you must report the suspected (or established) theft to the FTC. For this, you need to fill up a form available on You may also choose to dial up 877-438-4338 and provide the details over a call.

  • Change your passwords

Simply blocking your cards won’t help you in preventing potential damage from an identity theft case. Make sure that you change the passwords to all associated accounts to block the defaulters from exploiting any further information. The procedure to do this very easy. You need to contact the concerned authorities and services, informing them about the theft.

  • Edit any fraudulent info off your credit report

The thieves and hackers may try to manipulate your credit reports and necessary information in the connected accounts. Once you get done dealing with the partial losses, make sure that you detect any such breach of information and get it corrected to save yourself from future troubles!

  • Don’t forget to contact your telephone and utility companies!

Another sector of public services which use your identity information apart from the finance sector is telecom. Utility services are also a part of the list. You must contact all your service providers and inform them about the new identification documents and details. Also, ask them to block and seize any ongoing prior transactions.

  • Inform the police!

This is a serious crime and needs to be brought into the attention of authorities. Inform police in due time and cooperate with them as they make the required actions. Police records may also help you bust the offenders and stop them from inflicting further damage on other people.

  • Replace your stolen identification
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Dealing with the after-effects of identity theft is typical and complex, but one of the most complicated steps involve the replacement of the stolen identity. Whichever document or piece of information was involved in the theft, must be replaced, protected or guarded, as per the requirements.

  • Keep an eye on your credit reports

This is more of a preventive measure. Once you have been through the perils of a theft, you must learn the lesson and keep a constant check at your credit reports and activity to spot any suspicious movements. Also, a theft may affect your credit score. That needs to be dealt with, on priority.

These were some of the most important which need to be taken in case of identity thefts. Top Identity theft attorneys in Georgia ensure that their clients complete this process after they report identity theft. Online forgery has been on the rise lately due to the advent of tech invasion in the banking sector. Make sure that you keep a regular check at the credit reports and card activity to avoid falling into such inconvenient scenarios.


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