4 Important Tips to Increase Your Child’s Intelligence Quotient

4 important tips to increase your child’s intelligence quotient

Looking after your child while they are at their young age is every parent’s nightmare. They seem to fluctuate so much in terms of both mental and physical health that they remain in a perplexed condition as to how to treat them. 

They tend to think as to how they can bring up their children so that they grow to be intelligent. They send their children to good schools, make them attend tuition classes and do many more such things to make them intelligent. But they seldom care about the small things that matter! 

Here, we will discuss on how you increase your child’s intelligence with some non-cliche ways. Read on

Set them free– caging your child is definitely not going to help them increase their IQ levels no matter which age they are in. When you set your child free and let them live life on their own terms, it would help them make the right choice and decisions. You must be their guiding partner but you must not always teach them their every step. Tell them to take their own decisions and make the move and even if they fall, allow them to stand up without providing them any kind of support.

Make them learn outside of the book– it is not that education only comes from the books that you study. It comes from the daily instances of life which you must teach your child to make them more intelligent. You should ask them irrelevant questions sometimes like how many plants can you grow with a medical card in canada or what is the diameter of the sun and other such stuff so that they tend to learn outside of their books.

Guide them from a young age– right after the infancy period, when your child is a kid, you must plan their lessons in a way that they get to know more about the world around them. You should teach them the basic things of life whenever and however you can so that they get to understand things from an early age.

Teach them the practicality of life– it is not always that you get lessons from what you read, the practical instances of life teach us more and so, we must try to implement those things in our children to build their IQ in a better manner.

Let them be adventurous-Exposing your child to different activities, cultures and places will lead them to be creative thinkers. Try to attend various cultural events with them at least once a week.


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Every child grows up to be an individual in the way he or she is brought up by his or her parents. The behavior and cultural existence show up the way you are brought up and that’s one very important thing for parents to follow while their child is at a young age. Most of the parents think that they can make their child intelligent by sending them to good schools or by making them learn various things at a young age. 

But seldom do they realize that they have to be very careful while planning their moves otherwise that can backfire the plan unintentionally. The given few tips for improving your child’s intelligence is sure to be followed by the worried parents if they want to see their child in the top position.

Author Bio: Alex is fascinated with “understanding” people. It’s actually what drives everything he does. He believes in a thoughtful exploration of how you shape your thoughts, experience of the world. Currently, he is putting his thoughts and experience in front of audiences via his blog CYCHacks.

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