Why Imerovigli is the most exclusive spot in Santorini

most exclusive spot

Santorini is a playful fairy in the middle of the Cyclades and the most exclusive spot, sprinkling visitors with her golden dust just before she magnetises them with hypnotising seascapes, heart-melting sunsets, mind-blowing Cycladic architecture, and a history that speaks of the remarkable willpower demonstrated by the islanders during their bleakest of times. Amidst all this incredible appeal lies Imerovigli, a fantastic place with everything you’ll ever need only a whitewashed stroll away, from luxury accommodation and fine dining to entertainment, sightseeing, and spa treatments. 

Sitting in the heart of the Santorini crown, dashing guests with its vibrant light and subdued glam, Imerovigli is the perfect spot to watch the infamous sunset views the millions of tourists visiting Santorini every year want to capture on camera at all costs! Also, being close to Thera (or Fira), the island’s capital, Imerovigli puts you close to all the night action but far enough to escape the noise of the bustling capital. 

What are the best things to do at Imerovigl, most exclusive spot?

To answer this one, you’ll need to ask yourself what type of holidays you wish to experience during your Santorini escapade or vacation. So, besides admiring the breathtaking panoramas of the Santorini Caldera, dramatic landscape, and the Aegean Sea from your elegant Imerovigli suite balcony, paths, viewpoints (i.e., Agios Georgios church), restaurants, and even bars, you could also:

  • Visit other picturesque villages nearby, such as Firostefani and Emporio.
  • Explore the scenic cobbled paths of Imerovigli with the milky-white houses and bougainvillea-adorned verandas. It’s amazing how beautifully they stand out against the blue backdrop that envelops them!
  • Head to the blue-dome churches and chapels across Imerovigli and the rest of the island. Their imposing bell towers, impressive gates, stunning surroundings, and striking vistas are probably good enough reasons to make you want to include them in your itinerary. 
  • Walk the 10-kilometre path between Imerovigli and Fira and spoil yourself with fabulous caldera panoramas and sights. 
  • Hike Skaros Rock, a signature landmark and the aftermath of the intense volcanic activity on the island and shaped by earthquakes and erosion. The area aound Skaros Rock used to house a massive 13th-century Venetian fortress (one of the five in total in Santorini) protecting about 200 families from pirate invasions. 
  • Let the ancient Akrotiri settlement reveal all of its glory. This prominent historical site was home to a superbly advanced civilization, the Minoans, who are often associated with the Atlantians (from the myth of the lost city of Atlantis) for their ahead-of-time technologies and societal structures. 
  • Dine at MAVRO restaurant and treat your palate with mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine and delicious dishes with fresh ingredients and traditional tastes, such as tomato fritters, fried white aubergine, baked squid, and more. 
  • Stay at Kivotos Santorini luxury suite (honeymoon, cave, superior, or signature-suite) or private villa and spoil yourself with ultimate pampering, world-class hospitality, unsurpassed Caldera views and seascapes, and exclusivity. 
  • Opt for a helicopter tour and see the magnificent island from the cloudless blue skies. 
  • Ask for a wine-tasting tour and thank us later!
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Irrespective of how you choose to spend your days and nights at Imerovigli, the scenic village will not fall short, for sure. Some places are just dreamy, no matter what. 


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