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Who is Officer Kingery Tik-Toker Biography?

The Kingery is a most popular TikToker officer in the world, has deleted his account, and fans are concerned about his sudden online disappearance. His real name is Charlie Kingery and he is seemingly in his 30’s.

Kingery used the handle @officer kingery to upload videos, but his account was deactivated on November 4, much to the surprise of many.

Officer Kingery is accused of s**ual assault, according to reports, but supporters want confirmation. According to some of his followers, he deleted his TikTok account and deactivated his Instagram profile.

Kingery is a real police officer who works for Indiana’s Lawrence Cops and is a associate of their SWAT team.

According to some social media news, the internet celebrity uploaded a film verify that he was remove his Tik-Tok official account before the account was deactivated.

Personal Info About ‘Officer Kingery Tik-Toker Biography’

Officer Kingery

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Real NameCharlie Kingery’s
AgeUpdated soon
HeightUpdated soon
ProfessionPolice Officer
Married or SingleMarried

Why is Officer Kingery popular online?

  • Officer Kingery (Charlie Kingery) is a TikTok star with over 2.5 million followers.
  • The Indiana police officer is a part of the lawrence police department’s SWAT team member.
  • Officer Kingery is best known for his comedic skits about being a cop task force member.
  • His videos have received more than 38.7 million likes.
  • In addition to being a TikTok sensation, Kingery has appeared in the third season of the American TV series Live PD, which follows police officers on patrol.
  • Since becoming famous on the internet, he has also launched a clothing line called “Thin Line Apparel,” which refers to the “thin blue line” that police officers represent in society.
  • Officer Kingery has also performed with the conservative law enforcement-led comedic group Content Violation.
  • TikToker followers believe Officer Kingery remove his TikTok account and Instagram id after attack charge exterior online.
  • Several people have accused him of s**ual misconduct.
  • According to TikToker @flawlesslawless__, an officer made inappropriate comments about her before sexually assaulting her.
  • She didn’t name Kingery, but she also didn’t rule him out in the video’s comments section.
  • Another influencer, who goes by the handle theconservativebarbie, claimed on the video-sharing platform that Kingery assaulted and harassed two other anonymous accounts.

The allegations of sexual assault against Kingery

  • Content Violation cancelled its shows in Cleveland and Dayton, Ohio, on Wednesday, nov three, citing “extenuating circumstances.”
  • Officer Kingery’s TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter accounts were inaccessible the next day.
  • It is unclear whether Content Violation cancelled its shows as a result of the allegations against Kingery, but it appears highly likely that Kingery shut down his account as a result of the accusations.
  • Kingery’s account was suspended shortly after a TikTok video was shared by conservative influencer and stylist Jessi “Flawless Lawless.

Police Officer News

  • Flawless Lawless accuses an unnamed police officer of sexually harassing and assaulting her in the video, claiming that she is aware that “it’s happening to other people” and is “encouraging others to step forward.
  • Flawless Lawless isn’t the only conservative lady on TikTok who has accused Kingery of abuse.
  • Theconservativebarbie, a TikTok personality, released two anonymous allegations alleging Kingery harassed and sexually attacked them during shows.
  • We Got This Covered also saw a video from a conservative influencer accusing Kingery of sexual harassment and targeting women on his shows. Later, the video was delete off the poster.
  • While Kingery eventually deleted his account, he first used TikTok to reply to the claims.
  • Officer Kingery alleges that TikTok has transformed his life by bringing “negativity and turmoil.
  • He flatly denied the charges of sexual assault and harassment, adding, “I have never sexually attacked anyone in my life, and it saddens me to have to say that.

Is Officer Kingery Tik-Toker married?

Additionaly, when he is not in consistent, Kingery is usually found at house with his spouse, Christine.

Kingery and his wife have been married since 2011, and they have two children, Landon, 8, and Audra, 5.

While little is known about him wife, she is said to be the organizer and landlord of christine kingery events, an incident and intend firm based in Indiana that specialises in special events and wedding planning.

What happened to his TikTok account?

  • Early in November, fans began to discover Kingery was absent.
  • The reason for the social media star’s disappearance is unknown at this moment, however many believe it is due to his hectic life outside of content creation.
  • Some admirers believe he’s taking a hiatus because of his newfound celebrity.
  • Many people rushed to Twitter after he vanished to see if anyone knew where he was.
  • Can someone on this bird app tell me what’s up with #OfficerKingery on Has he deleted all of his one admirer wondered, while another commented, “Sitting here thinking the same thing.

Discover Officer Kingery Tik-Toker Net Worth

  • The net worth of Charlie Kingery is still unknown.
  • A cop’s average annual income in the United States is $54616.
  • Officer Kingery has worked with the department since 2018. He could have built a substantial overall wealth base by 2021.

Officer Kingery was banned from Tiktok for what reason?

According to TikToker fans, Officer Kingery’s TikTok and Instagram accounts were purportedly deactivate when assault charges surfaced online. Others have accused him of inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Officer Charlie Kingery: He Arrested Or Not

On Wednesday, a police officer’s was charge with one add up of aggression causing bodily harm.

However, A man who had been observing the argument attempted to mediate. According to court documents, Kingery became enraged and, while inebriated, struck him in the face.

Also, Kingery acknowledges punching him in the face and then calling his mother for assistance. He claimed he was acting in self-defense, but that he was in no discomfort.

Knowing About Officer Kingery Drama

Officer Kingery’s sudden absence following se**al claims against his colleague surprised admirers familiar with his TikTok work. The 32-year-old officer made considerable rounds after rumours of his friend’s sexual assault became widely spread. In fact, his band Content Violation, also known as The Ride Along Crew, was highly influence by the TikTok craze.

To begin, his friend Jimmy Jones posted a video on TikTok debunking the rumour and claiming that the allegations made against him were baseless. Jimmy’s girlfriend, Brianna, wanted to establish a family, but he refused, causing tension in their relationship. He even admitted to having a relationship with her. Despite admitting to sexually abusing Georgia Landscaper’s spouse, Jimmy rejected the allegations.

His Social Media Accounts

When TikTok users noticed that the officer’s TikTok account was down, the issue got further traction. His Instagram account was deactivated as well. When you try to check at his TikTok profile, you get the message “Could not discover this account.” Since his removal from TikTok, sexual assault claims have arisen against him.

Additionally, He appeared to make a quick rebuttal video before deleting his official TikTok account, in which he claimed to deny the charges. Officer Kingery, a TikTok star, claims in the video that he has never assaulted, harassed, or abused anyone in his life.

On Instagram, follow Charlie Kingery

  • Charlie Kingery does not appear to be on Instagram right now.
  • He used to be active on social media sites like TikTok and Instagram, but he doesn’t seem to be anymore.
  • Additionally, after leaving his employment as a cop in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Kingery attracted a lot of attention for his online media life.
  • Christine Kingery, her spouse, can be found on Twitter under the handle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q-1 What exactly is Charlie Kingery?

Ans: Officer Charlie Kingery is an Indiana cop and SWAT member whose TikTok account was just deactivate following a sexual assault claim. He’s also a comedian who belongs to the Content Violation Group. Kingery has been married to Christine Kingery for many years.

Q-2 What’s all the protest about officer Kingery?

Ans: The 32-year-old officer made significant rounds after rumours of his friend being sexually assault became widely circulated. In fact, his band Content Violation, better known as The Ride

Along Crew, was heavily trending alongside the popular TikTok success.

Q-3 where is Officer Kingery’s today?

Ans: Kingery is a real police officer that works for the Lawrence Police Department in Indiana and is a member of the Lawrence Police Department’s SWAT team.

Q-4 Why did officer Kingery remove TikTok account?

Ans: Fans began to discover Kingery was absent. The reason for the social media star’s disappearance is unknown at this moment, however many believe it is due to his hectic life outside of content creation.


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