Online Classes: 15 Simple Yet Effective Guidelines

Online Classes 15 Simple Yet Effective Guidelines

Thanks to the digital technology that even during this lockdown period when everyone is staying at home and working from home still we are able to undertake a variety of works- banking services or money transfer or purchase of grocery, vegetables, medicine, payment to service providers. All these varied activities are possible only because of digitalization.

But one sector that has been immensely aided with this digitalization is education. The students and teachers during the lockdown period are still meeting. Don’t get it wrong, but yes, you have guessed it right; they are meeting because of online classes that are conducted just as fixed teaching periods of any regular day in a school. ASPAM Scottish School, one of the best CBSE Schools in Noida, is unfailingly conducting online classes for the students of Grades Nursery to XII.

While undertaking these online classes there are certain practices that need to be followed to make a scenario of these virtual classrooms a great accomplishment. These are termed as protocol. The essential online guidelines are as following:

  • Ensure good connectivity

The first and foremost requirement of a successful online class is good connectivity. So ensure that connections are uninterrupted and strong.

  • Set up webcam angle appropriately

It is very important that angle of the web camera that you are using is set at the correct angle and nothing irrelevant is seen /shown when you face it.

  • Test your video and audio

Before you join the meeting make sure that audio & video that you will be using are in perfect working condition.

  • Check Lighting Source

Light plays a vital role during the online classes. So make certain that a good source of light focuses not only on your face but also the place where you are sitting is suitably lighted.

  • Background

It is imperative that the background of your sitting area must either be white or a lighter one as a bright or dull background may prove to be source of distraction for others in the class.

  • Enter the meeting room on time

The intimation for the meetings is always shared beforehand, so ensure that you log in at the right time. If you are late then you will miss on something very important.

  • Keep Mute

When you join the meeting, keep that your mike is mute. Unmute it only when you have to speak something. Use the icon of ‘Raise hand’ to let the host know that you wish to share or discuss something important.

  • Close the door

It is essential to have perfect silence when you are taking online classes. So close the door of the room where you are sitting as it would minimize distractions (People’s movement in and out of the room) and unwanted noises (discussion among family members or pet making sounds etc.)

  • Use Headphones

Headphone is an absolute must as it will not reduce the distractions around you but will enable you to remain focused on what is being done in the virtual class.

  • Do not use Video at all times

It is suggested to switch off the video if you do not have anything to share/show. When there would be no video running at the background, it will aid ineffectual working of audio

  • Maintain eye contact

While using the camera, look straight into the camera and maintain eye contact as it will create the impression of having one-to-one conversation.

  • Put you best behaviour

You must behave very civilly and be courteous as you are being watched. Any act of indiscipline will most certainly spoil all your impression. So it is suggested to always put up your best conduct.

  • Dress appropriately

As stated that you are being watched so it is important to dress properly. Being at home does not mean that you be in your casuals.  Be properly dresses as if you have to go out and meet someone.

  • Do not eat /drink

Model behaviour does not warranty laid back behaviour so when on camera or when your video is on do not eat or drink as it’s against social etiquette.

  • Be focused

While in virtual classroom scenario, remain focused on the task at hand. If you exit the meeting, you will be noticed so it’s essential to respect other person’s time (host and all the participants who are there the meeting) and attention.


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