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2020 Home Decor Trends – To Make Your Interior Look Trendy

Whilst in the market of Calgary real estate, ‘trends’ change as well as evolve, they do so at distinctive paces, some are famous for years instead of merely the season. In the industry of home decor, let’s take an example of Nordic Trend which has been with people for a long time now as well as continues to delight and surprise. If there is a single way to define trends of interior design you will witness more of in 2020, it is anything goes. While the early aughts such as all-white kitchens and accent walls won’t disappear completely, they will surely evolve this year. 

There is no escaping the trends. Whether you feel entirely unaffected or you live by them, from famous furniture choices to paint shades, everything designed for the houses is affected by the wider trend. This New Year, as your personal life might need some refreshment, the real estate industry deserves a similar type of attention as well. 


Have a look at these top 6 home decor trends which will help offer houses a refresh this year – 

  1.  Different shades of Blue – No straightforward shades, no powdery colors as this latest decorating trendy color i.e., dulled down blues are muddied, darker, and moody. In 2019, Blue was the up and coming color and now this year, blue has become the “it” color. It feels like it is time for the blue. A majority of people are also obsessed with classic blue because as the name signifies, it makes your house look classy and sophisticated. In the real estate industry, this color is regarded as elegant and clean. Blue is also extremely uplifting as well as a simple color for incorporating into your house.

Blue’s tones such as Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy or Van Deusen Blue are in high demand currently as well as will continue to be famous this year. People are in love with the moody, gorgeous rich blues. They work well with a lot of colors and that is why to a lot of people, blues are the new neutral as they will often coordinate with the colors people use in their homes. Imagine your bathroom and kitchen cabinets painted in these amazing blues. Sounds dreamy, right? 

  1.  Geometric designs – In case you haven’t noticed yet, there is a major love affair going on with the geometric patterns. You can use them in your Home through geometric lighting, wallpaper, accents, and furnishings. Go for thin and clean lines and avoid anything heavy or clunky. Geometric patterns have been famous for a long time and also, they are here to stay in 2020. You can look for squares, bold zig zags, triangles, and circles on everything and anything, whether it is upholstery, curtains, or rugs. So, what are you waiting for? Wallpaper the accent wall with a geometric design with plenty of negative (empty, white) space. 

Paper the tiny powder room with the thin-lined geometric pattern as well as utilize an architectural aspect like shiplap or wainscoting or tongue as well as a groove on the walls’ bottom half for balancing the wallpaper. Vibrant and bright patterns can also add enthusiastic energy to the room. Make sure to not add a lot of contrasting patterns in the same space as your home as it can be overkill as well as could leave you feeling mentally exhausted. In a nutshell, you can never go wrong with adding the taddy bit of the geometrics to almost any decor style. 

  1.  Go Green – This year, people will continue to look for methods for connecting with nature in their houses with the help of houseplants as well as natural materials such as grasscloths, rustic/raw woods, and cane. In an era where modern technology is continuously evolving at the speed of light, people often forget about the primitive roots that are connected with our earth as well as the advantages which nature has on their complete psyche. Calgary homes for sale are Increasing your connectivity to nature indirectly or directly through going green with the Home decorhas environmental, economic, and health advantages. 

In 2020, you will be viewing more natural materials along with the luxurious spin such as marble finishes in kitchens and bathrooms as well as marble accents like bowls, candleholders, and glass vases. Adding the living wall or the low-maintenance biomontage wall to the tiny corner of the house makes space attractive while also improving your mental health as well as the entire ecosystem. It is a lot easier than one can think, as well as the advantages are plentiful. Just like a few of the other 2020 trends, using recycled as well as sustainable materials and going green is still prevalent this year. 


  1.  Luxury rugs – Unexpected and interesting materials in the rugs will begin to become more mainstream. Last year, you saw the explosion in the home decor industry for obscure shaped rugs. This trend will be continued with an inclusion of the unexpected materials being woven into the rugs. Also, layering rugs can turn out to be a cost-effective alternative as compared to a single huge rug. The reason is that over-sized rugs can cost you a lot of bucks, but, in case you go for the smaller version of the dream rug, it will be easy for you to layer it atop the more affordable rug for achieving the similar look. 

The best way of layering rugs is by using the large jute rug along with the smaller patterned one. Needless to say, layering rugs is a well-known trend in 2020, and there is no wonder why. Through the layering of rugs, you can conveniently double the depth and texture in the space. What’s more? It just feels and looks so cozy. Regarded as one of the most favorite 2020 home decor trends, shapes will also evolve for the rugs. 


  1.  Curved furniture – This year, you will view more furniture with curved edges rather than the general square edge ones. People are done with rectangular and square furniture as well as aspire to something a bit different. You will see the furniture like sofas, cabinets and more, abandoning mid-century straight designs for the more rounded, rounded sides and backs. This will be the resurgence of interior trends important in the 80s. It will feature soft materials of bright colors. Through this trend, it will be simple for incorporating round back chairs into smaller rooms while keeping sufficient space. 

As much as you love drooling over vintage pieces in the antique shops, the reality is that they are pretty expensive. But now emerged as the super famous mid-century design and one of the best 2020 home decor trends, you will witness the major comeback of sculptural, curved furniture, specifically in terms of upholstery. High-back armchairs and curved sofas in stunning rich velvets offer an immediate glamorous vibe as well as can make a statement even in the most ordinary spaces. There is no denying the fact this trend will take you back to another decade. 


  1.  Darker Kitchens – The ideal white kitchens you have been using so much if they will eventually be phased out and will be replaced by the House design trend of 2-tone kitchens. A lot of people prefer the blend of 2 colors (white uppers and the black base is the most common one), in addition to mixing wood with the color for either lightening what otherwise could be the rustic feel, or for adding a bit of pop (like on the island). White has been the ideal color for kitchens for a long time. From the cabinets to the walls, it has been white all this time. However, this will change in 2020, as more and more people are choosing darker kitchen designs

The darker colors are simpler to clean as compared to white. Painting your kitchen’s walls with dark colors will conceal everyday use’s flaws. Along with this, you can also amalgamate dark colored wood cabinets as well as cover the counter with the dark colors. Though you are viewing less and less of the unproductive white kitchen, 2020 will put the final nail in that coffin, to say the least. 



By choosing and picking smartly, you can update the existing interiors in fun new ways, without the need for redoing your whole home from scratch. There is no way that you can neglect the relevance of House design trends as while a majority of decor themes might come and go, some of them are not only fads but linger on for a long time. 

A few decor trends are exciting to know as well as some are going to change your lives. Moreover, there is an urgent need to pay attention to 2 trends i.e., green earth movement and technology will modify the function and look of our homes shortly. In a nutshell, while decorating the house in 2020, keep the above-mentioned design trends in mind and good luck for getting the best results. 


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