Is Diet Soda on Keto Advisable? Know More About It

Is Diet Soda on Keto Advisable? Know More About It


Dieting is a vital part of a modern lifestyle. People often include many dieting patterns as part of health maintenance. However, the ketogenic diet is one of the most popular forms of diet. Also, it controls the carbohydrate intake in your food. It means the more calorie intake from protein and fat, rather than from carbohydrates. Indeed, the keto diet is the most efficient way to control overweight and obesity. However, we often lack the right knowledge of a balanced diet. Also, it creates confusion, and many questions arise regarding the diet plan. Let’s look at one of the vital aspects of diet soda on keto.

Keto Diet

A ketogenic diet popularly known as keto diet involves significantly fewer carbs (20 to 50 grams per day). However, it means more consumption of fats. Practicing this sort of food puts your body into ketosis. The question that arises now is that, what is ketosis?

Ketosis makes your body more efficient by burning fats present in your body. It happens by cutting down carbohydrate intake to a very significant extent. Due to this, the insulin levels in body drops are necessary to convert sugar into energy. Also, the body responds to this situation by generating ketones. The liver makes ketones by burning fats. Ketones so produced are used by the body to release energy. It makes a keto diet quite restrictive. What you can have is healthy fats and a bit of protein.
Keto diet is beneficial in shedding extra weight. However, those with diabetes should not practice this diet. However, the high ketone levels may become life-threatening for the person with diabetes.

Types of a keto diet

There are many different versions of the keto diet. The following are a few types.

Standard ketogenic diet : 75 % fats, 20% protein , 5 % carbs. Most research works progress on this type of keto diet.

Cyclical ketogenic diet: It is characterized by periods of low carb days and high carb days. For example 6 days of keto diet with low carb intake. Also,followed by two days of high carb intake

Targeted Ketogenic diet: It involves taking of high carbs during workouts.

High protein ketogenic diet: As the name suggests, in this diet, a person takes in more proteins. Indeed, it is indication of a standardized ketogenic diet. The ratio is 60% fats, 35% proteins, and five percent carbs.

 What you can have:

There are few foods that you must include in a keto diet. Foods like, Eggs, poultry, fatty fish, meat, dairy, full-fat cheese, nuts, nut butter, seeds, healthy oils etc can be included in the diet. Also, no starchy vegetables (like greens, tomato, broccoli, peppers) and condiments can include in the diet.

What you cannot have:

It is very important to avoid certain foods on keto diet. Foods like Bread (including everything baked like cakes, pastries), grains(rice, wheat, tortillas, oats, etc.) need to be strictly avoided. Also,sweet sugary food, fruits, legumes, vegetables with starch ( potato, sweet potato, corn, etc.) should be kept away from your diet. Furthermore, pasta, sweetened beverages(including diet foods like diet soda), and alcoholic beverages is not advisable to consume during keto diet.


  1. Helps in reducing weight.
  2. Reduces acne and promotes clear skin.
  3. Probably reduces cancer.
  4. If a keto diet involves proper nutrient intake, it may reduce cholesterol and aid in heart health.
  5. It aids in neuroprotective function leading to better brain health. Studies suggest that it may also help in preventing or reducing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.


  1. May cause deficiency of nutrients if the diet is not planned correctly: As one has to restrict or avoid fruits and grains, specific nutrient deficiency may arise. So, highly recommend visiting a dietitian. This limitation can be overcome by correctly analyzing the nutrient requirements of the body. Also by consuming proper meals in right time.
  2. Keto flu: Adjusting the body to a keto diet may not be secure. There are chances you develop many physical ailments. Such as extreme Hunger, nausea, constipation, brain fog may last for days.
  3. Adherence: Initially you may follow the strict diet. But on later phase the intensity may reduce. Thus sticking to keto diet may not be easy.
  4. Not very good for the gut: This is because the body’s source of fiber get reduce. Make sure you are taking proper substitutes for grains and fruits. which will give more fiber to the body and prevent constipation.

Diet Soda

Diet Sodas are quite popular in modern context. People who want to reduce their weight or minimize their sugar intake consume diet soda. Many beverage companies have launched diet versions of their usual drinks. For example like Pepsi Max, Diet Coke, Zero sugar Coca Cola, Diet Mountain Dew, Sprite Zero Sugar, etc. Initially, diet sodas endorse as a drink for the person with diabetes. Still, recently the primary target audience is athletes, sports persons. Also, people who want to lose weight and health-conscious people.

 Diet soda claim to be sugar-free. However, it may not be truly suitable for those keen on shedding their extra pounds. Diet sodas generally consist of carbonated water, sweeteners, acids, colors, flavors, preservatives, vitamins, minerals, and caffeine. Especially artificial sweeteners may be a cause of concern for those who are dieting.

Diet Soda on Keto

Diet Sodas have been selling like hotcakes. It is because they claim that one can have sweet-tasting drinks without actually gaining weight. The question that arises in the mind of those dieting is whether the claim is valid or not. The following will undoubtedly clear your doubts regarding the same.

These sodas contain artificial sweeteners. Some of them are aspartame, refined stevia, and sucralose. Hence consumption of these diet sodas may increase insulin. Also, it decrease ketone levels in the body. So it thus create a hindrance in weight loss.

As diet sodas lack in proper nutrients. So consumption of diet soda may increase your food craving. It is because your body may not be satisfied with the zero nutrient diet coke. So this may cause overeating. Diet Sodas may also create a regular habit of Sugary food consumption. Indeed, it leads a food dependency and repeated cravings.


Therefore one must not consume diet soda on a keto diet. It’s essential for those on keto to maintain their proper nutrient value intake. Keto diet is not merely about eating a certain quantity of the said things. Its also about eating healthy food.

If one wants to satisfy their soda cravings, then one must have diet sodas only in moderation. Some keto-friendly beverages are unsweetened coffee, black tea, unsweetened soy milk, unsweetened almond milk, unsweetened milkshakes, and unsweetened smoothies. However, a person must understand the real aspects of the diet. Understanding and following a proper diet will drastically enhance our lives.


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