How to Host on Twitch in PC?

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What is a Hosting Twitch?

How to host on twitch

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Hosting Twitch is a feature that enables streamers to broadcast an additional Twitch streamer’s channel on your channel. A streamer is responsible for hosting different channels while they have their chitchat and users, but stream will aspect the stream of the hosted channel.

Hosting is an excellent networking tool on Twitch, and you don’t have to be a Twitch Associate or Partner to host another channel on their stream. 

Additionally, the serval channels have alerts however other streamers host them is what makes hosting such a great networking tool, in my opinion. These notifications will spark on your screen, acting as huge commercials advertising your stream on another channel.

Moreover, now and then, people will notice that you hosted the channel where they were, and they will go to verify your channel. This can result in more viewers, followers, and minutes spent on your channel.

Additionally, the advantage of hosting is that you can host your own channel for a short period of time and then unhost it.

How to Host on Twitch?

The primary benefits of Twitch hosting are that can assist streamer with less subscribers in growing faster.

You can host another streamer on their own channel for as extensive as they want by following these steps.

How to Host on Twitch in Desktop or PC?

How to host on twitch in pc

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Here are the few steps to host on twitch in PC 0or Desktop:

  • First, enter the chat of your channel and type the control host followed by the name of the channel you wish for to host.
  • Your audience and subscribers will read the content you have chosen from that point forward. You can live with her/him and remark on the live stream.
  • To terminate hosting, type the command’/unhost’ in the chat, and the hosting will be terminated.

 How to Host on Twitch from Phone?

Twitch also enables you to host from anywhere they are using your mobile device.

  • First, enter the streaming URL that you desire to host.
  • Then, tap the arrow-shaped icon at the best of the alive streaming window.
  • Select the ‘Host Channel’ option.
  • To finish, repeat the method but this time select ‘unhost’. 

Auto Hosting

When you are disconnected from Twitch, this option will mechanically host previously selected channels. Following are the steps to allow auto hosting:

  • Access your channel’s settings by clicking on the outline icon or by clicking this link.
  • Enable this option in the auto-hosting segment.
  • Additionally, it’s finished, and then now is time to choose preferences. You have two choices: Select “Host Team Channels” to contain team channels in the host list and prioritizing streaming team channels.
  • Furthermore, select ‘Host pre-record videos’ to add specific channels to the host. Then you can identify the order in which they show: random or in the order, they appear in the list. 
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Why Host Other Channels

Collaborating with new channels and assisting them in their growth during a host has several benefits for the channel.

Connect with society

  • By hosting multiple channels and streamers center on other topics, additionally subscribers will get to recognize you a modest more and you will be able to share other activities with them.

Enhance your Brand’s Image

  • The Twitch community frequently appreciates gestures made by the smallest streamers.
  • Hosting other channels will improve your image and reputation if you have a large community.

Enable to Boost your Visibility

  • By attracting new viewers to your channel, you will increase the number of visits.
  • If you treat the rest of the community well and interact with them. 

Enable to Host Other Channels.

  • If you treat the rest of the community well and interact with them, your chances of being hosted by others increase.
  • This will increase your visibility on the platform and increase your visits.
  • You now know how to host other Twitch channels, so don’t put it off any longer.

Benefits of Twitch Hosting

Hosting a new Twitch streamer on the channel can be very advantageous to the growth of your own channel. Additionally, there are many reasons why you should use Twitch’s Host Mode. The benefits of hosting another streamer are outlined below:

Even when you’re idle or offline, you can keep society active by supplying them with material.

  • Hosting allows their users to see what they like watching by promoting your favourite streamers.
  • Hosting another Twitch channel can aid their own flourish.
  • Because your account will be listed in the alive hosts group on Twitch, new users may come across it.

Why Should You Host on Twitch?

Here are several reasons why you should choose Twitch hosting.

Promotional Cross-Promotion

  • You can expand your audience and market your account by hosting other channels on your account.
  • The streamer may mention or display the names of all the hosts.
  • You might potentially be included in the live Hosts category or the discussion room for the target channel.
  • This enhanced reach may also assist you in gaining more followers for your account.

An Interested Audience

  • If you don’t stream regularly, your viewers are likely to lose interest in your channel.
  • Additionally, due to the fact that they will not be able to see new information when they want.
  • You’ll be able to provide new content to other channels by hosting them.

How to Set Up Hosting Other Streamers on your Channel?

By Chat

In your channel’s chat, type “/host” followed by the channel’s username you desire to host. Enter “/host pax,” for example, if you want to host the PAX twitch channel. You can now switch the channel you’re hosting up to three times every half hour. To turn it off, type “unhost” into the chatbox.

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Using the Twitch App

User can access the selected channel using an iOS or Android device. Also, hit the gear icon on the channel you wish to host. After that, choose “Host” from the drop-down menu.

Via Auto-Host

The majority of individuals use auto hosting to host other channels. You must add different channels to a list, and your channel will choose from this list automatically, even if you are offline.

The auto-host capability can be configured to select channels from the list randomly or in a specific sequence. Setting up your Twitch auto hosting is simple. Find the auto host option in your Twitch channel’s settings and enable it. You can now add as many channels as you desire to your host list.

Steps to use Auto-Host Ability on Twitch 

Follow these steps: 

  1. To begin, go to the channel settings option and then scroll down. The auto hosting part is located at the bottom of the page.
  2. At the bottom right corner, there will be an On/Off switch; flip it to the On position.
  3. Now that you’ve decided to host your own Twitch team, turn on the Twitch team hosting option. When you switch to this new setting, all of your Twitch team hosting members will be prioritized over your mentioned channels in the host list. 
  4. On the top right corner of the Host List Section, there is a + sign; if you want to create a specific channel list for hosting, click this + sign and type the names of the channels you want to add.
  5. At the bottom of the page, users may use a host priority section to make quick and random selections of their host channels and order and prioritize their presence in the host list.
  6. Additionally, if you would like to host comparable channels in your host list, you can make an independent option. The system’s built-in algorithm can assist users in hosting channels with similar viewership to their own. This option is available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q-1 What is Twitch hosting?

Ans: Hosting on Twitch is a fantastic method to keep your account active even if you’re not streaming your own content. It enable you to engage your audience by utilizing the material of other accounts. You receive the engagement while the other channels get the views. This is a win-win situation for all parties.

Q-2 How does Twitch hosting work?

Ans: Host mode allows a broadcaster to host a live broadcast on our own control page from another channel. Any broadcaster can host a channel, and any channel can host a broadcaster. It works similarly to embedding a player on another website. It only works on Twitch.

Q-3 What happens when you start a Twitch channel?

Ans: Host mode allows all broadcasters to host a live broadcast from another channel on their own channel page without having to change their chat, allowing users to find out material you pick while interacting within a chat room.


  • Hosting on Twitch is a great method to keep your account active even if you’re not streaming your own content.
  • It allows you to engage your audience by utilizing the material of other accounts.
  • You receive the engagement while the other channels get the views.
  • This is a win-win situation for all parties.
  • It would help if you also urged your audience to host you and establish host lists so that more platform users are interested in hosting you.
  • Start hosting on Twitch right now if you haven’t already.
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